How To Be Productive?


Bema Kalys kyzy, Student Writer

No one would argue that the 21st century came too quickly and changed too much in our lives. New achievements, great discoveries, different faces… It is not that difficult to drown in the endless flow of information. In constant movement and striving, it is not clear where the movement leads, but it is important to stay in this movement, otherwise stopping means dropping out of reality. Such conditions have developed perfectionism in us, and burnout is becoming the scourge of our generation. In this regard, the logical question is how to work, but not overexert yourself? How to be productive?


Do your main task first

As we talked about perfectionism, then we should talk about its sibling – procrastination. It is two Inseparable phenomenons, which create many problems at work. The best tip to avoid procrastination is to make your main task the very first task of the day. It might seem to be a tip like “tore off a leg – sew it back”, but this works. We tend to make the easiest things first and waste energy on checking emails, having meetings, making calls first, and at the end of the day, we find ourselves in apathy. So the tip is to do the most important work when you have the most energy and concentration. 


Say No

Oh, this phrase is such a cliche in the psychology world. “Say No” turns out to be one of the golden rules and used in every area of life. We often shoulder thousand and one tasks, assuring ourselves that it will bear fruit. Whether for productivity, it is highly important to stay focused on a few things. Prioritize main goals in business and cut off the least important ones.



It is actually impressive to be a “one show person” and get tons of compliments, raptures, and sighs. However, doing all the work alone makes you feel exhausted and brings burnout even closer. Delegation is a thing. After making a list of priorities, learn to give tasks in which you are less competent to professionals. It saves your time and the task is completed in better quality.



I spied this trick from Brandon Turner, a real estate investor. Time-Blocking means picking out some time ranges for a specific task and not getting distracted during this time range. We tend to work on something and answering calls, reading emails at the same time. It feels like we are doing so much work, but we do not realize that multitasking makes you work on 5 different things less effectively. That’s why entrepreneurs suggest setting your schedule around time-blocking. Set blocks for each task of the day, in which you are not allowed to work on multiple things. It is time-saving and it leaves you some time for yourself such as reading, meditation, going out, etc.