The Macy’s Parade Is Back and With Full Force.


Charis Latunde, Student Writer

After what seems like a decade ago, the streets of Manhattan, are once more filled with giant balloons, marching bands from around the country, and a cheerful crowd at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. After being held captive by the coronavirus pandemic last year, the famous holiday tradition returned with full force on Thursday, although with careful safety precautions.

There were thousands of marchers and dozens of floats, and we cannot forget Santa Claus. President Joe Biden expressed his take on the return of the parade as a sign of restoration. President Biden also called the NBC broadcaster Al Roker on air just to say so. Saying “After two

years, we’re back. America is back. There’s nothing we’re unable to overcome,” Biden and his family witnessed the parade from Nantucket, Massachusetts via broadcast television.

All fun and games aside, the Macy’s Parade followed strict safety precautions. The Parade staff and volunteers had to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and wear masks throughout the parade. However, some singers were permitted to take off their masks when necessary. Masks were not mandated for spectators, but they were advised to do so.

During last Thanksgiving, there were no available vaccines, and the virus rapidly spread during winter, in the nation’s biggest city, the parade was limited to one block, sometimes pre-taped and most of the performers were locally based and spectators were not allowed, according to the Associated Press News. Many spectators expressed their joy and excitement of being able to watch the century-old tradition in person instead of watching it on screen.