HCC’s Board of Trustees Have Decided to Continue Forward with New Bachelor’s Degrees

By continuing forward, the proposals will now move towards the Coordinating Board where they will review and approve the implementation of the new degrees.


Josue Perez, Student Writer

Last Wednesday the Board of Trustees held a meeting to address multiple topics. Some topics included funding, external relations, reports, academics, and graduation. One of those topics was the proposal to add two new degree programs. A Bachelor of Applied Technology in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, and a Bachelor of Applied Science in Healthcare Management – Respiratory Care Specialization.

The Bachelor of Applied Technology will see students learn technical skills that will be useful in a high growing field. As of right now HCC is the only school in the state of Texas that offers an associate degree in artificial intelligence. The program launched last fall during the pandemic and has been claimed as a major by 51 students. Since no other school in the Houston region offers a bachelor’s degree in Artificial Intelligence, this is claimed to be an opportunity that will benefit both students and HCC.

The Bachelor of Applied Science will allow students to earn a degree in a field that will be in high demand by healthcare employers in the near future. By having more degrees and certifications under them, students will be able to earn a greater salary while having an opportunity to move into management positions. By adding the degree to HCC’s programs, it will have the potential to attract students and graduates from other healthcare programs. The degree will also be taught as a face-to-face, hybrid, and online program.

By adding both programs, HCC will have the potential to attract students to achieve a degree in two growing fields that will also be taught at an affordable cost. Since the Board of Trustees voted to continue forward with the degree proposals it will now go towards the Coordinating Board. The Coordinating Board also has a committee that reviews the plans and proposals before approving them. If approved, it will take a year to fully implement both bachelor’s degrees.