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November 19, 2021

This photo taken from a frame grab from North East Live television channel shows journalists Samriddhi K. Sakunia, right, and Swarna Jha speaking with the media in Nilambazar, in the northeastern Indian state of Assam, Sunday, Nov. 14, 2021. The two Indian journalists who were detained over the weekend on charges of inciting communal violence after tweeting that religious attacks on Muslims were worse than police had reported were granted bail by a court in the northeastern state of Tripura. Sakunia and Jha were reporting on religious tensions in the state, where there were attacks against minority Muslims last month. Their employer, HW News Network, a digital news channel, said the authorities were preventing them from doing their job, calling their detention “sheer harassment” and “targeting of the press.” (North East Live via AP) (AP)

In India, warfare and economics are at the center of all media, with just about 80% of stories addressing either one. Military and political stories also accounted for 4/5 of the top stories. This conveys the impression that the nation has strong nationalistic ideals. Just after highlights, amusement took up a significant portion of the first column. This is unusual for a significant paper; typically, amusement is found in article 3 or around the center of the publication. In addition, India boasts the world’s second-largest music business, dubbed as ‘Hindi films.’ As a result, this would sound right if the Indian people were very engaged in showbusiness and considered leisure one of its top priorities.

The material culture of India is in a complex connection with its non-material civilization. Although humility is to be observed while clothing, they are also among the largest manufacturers of gold and brocade, and the majority of their amusement depicts western ideals. They will follow up just on enlightenment influences shown in their home films, one in particular, a unitary family structure. The spouses live together, without all of the families, which is very rare in India. The significance of the united family structure is emphasized in Indigenous society (CNN, 2020). Nevertheless, India boasts an enormous conscript army. Thus they remain steadfast in their nationalism.


In contrast to the approach of America, all nations are extremely nationalistic; while Americans are glad of their independence, Indians appear to be glad of their city’s Americans demand a high level of affluence that contains abundant food and stylish clothes and the newest model automobiles and entertainment playmates ranging from electronics to recreational vehicles; the same could have been saying for Indians. The Afghans magazine focused on Political struggles, giving the impression that the nation was highly patriotic and involved in its political environment. There were also some unique pieces on amusement, which created the impression that the sector was still growing and hadn’t established its own identity inside the country.

Rene Arikas, director of the Estonian Accident Investigation Board points as he speaks during a joint news conference with Jonas Backstrand, deputy Director of the Swedish Accident Investigation Board, in Tallinn, Estonia, Tuesday, Nov. 16, 2021. The Estonian and Swedish accident investigation boards said Tuesday that a dive earlier this year to the wreck of the ferry that sank in the Baltic Sea over 27 years ago, hasn’t provided new evidence contradicting the 1997 official accident investigation report. The wreck lies on the seabed some 80 meters (264 feet) below the surface in international waters off a Finnish island, and is considered a graveyard, which gives the area protection under the law. (AP Photo/Raul Mee) (AP)e. All nations place more value on relaxation and luxurious lifestyles (AP News, 2021). 

In contrast to the approach of America, Brazil does not put as much emphasis on nationalism as its Northern U.s. counterparts. The South American nation seems to prioritize evolution; conversely, Americans have traditionally valued growth in technical fields. Brazil cherishes and promotes its religiousness, which is understandable given that most of the nation is Catholic. Moreover, the US is considered a melting pot of many ethnicities and faiths in which religion also isn’t provided excellent weight.

In contrast with the findings, both nations are very involved in the political process and are highly nationalistic. Afghanistan’s style is highly traditional and humble. In comparison, the USA is the total opposite; it publicizes its liberty, unconcerned about what everyone else believes; it cherishes transparency and the ability to choose, understanding there are very few repercussions. America is indeed the famous athlete to Afghanistan’s shy girls, and their humility differs accordingly.

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