Former YES Prep Student Charged with Multiple Felonies After School Shooting

Dexter Kelsey is charged with aggravated assault against a public servant and deadly conduct as a result of Friday’s school shooting.


Josue Perez, Student Writer

25-year-old Dexter Kelsey was a former student who attended the public charter school YES Prep Southwest Secondary. Kelsey reportedly fired into the glass doors and immediately fired another bullet hitting an administrator in the lower back. The administrator that was shot in the lower back was revealed to be Eric Espinoza, the school’s principal.

Espinoza was later rushed to the hospital where doctors told HPD detectives that the bullet had missed vital organs. Espinoza was released from the hospital that Friday night with the bullet still inside his lower back.

During the media briefing Police Chief Troy Finner told reporters that a call about a shooting in progress came in at around 11:46 A.M. Police officers along with a rescue team quickly arrived at the location and began to set a perimeter around the school. When they went inside the building, they reported no active shooting and Kelsey immediately surrendered his rifle and himself without any further incidents.

According to court documents, Kelsey was not after Espinoza, he was after a female counselor who he held a grudge against. As of this moment there is no specific reason as to why Kelsey held a grudge against her. Documents also show that the rifle Kelsey used in Friday’s shooting was bought online.

During a preliminary hearing on Sunday morning, a district judge announced Kelsey’s charges and bail. He is currently being held on a $5,000,000 bond for aggravated assault and a $250,000 bond for deadly conduct offense. Kelsey is currently in jail but if he is released, the court announced that Kelsey is not allowed to have any contact with Espinoza, the counselor he was targeting, and he cannot visit any YES Prep campuses. He won’t be allowed to leave the Harris County area. He would also be put under 24/7 house arrest while wearing an ankle monitor and he is not allowed to have any firearms or ammunition.

Kelsey did not attend the hearing on Sunday morning due to medical reasons. Kelsey will be due back in a Harris County district court in December.

Staff and students from YES Prep Southwest Secondary are wishing Espinoza a speedy recovery. Students are also crediting Espinoza for confronting the shooter and helping them find safety. “I can really say Mr. Espinoza is really brave for what he did. I really do thank him for trying to save us because he really did save us. He actually took a shot for all of us, and I really do thank that from him,” said student Alondra Villafuerte.