Phylicia Rashad apologizes to Howard University after voicing support for Bill Cosby’s prison release.

Ahmad Armstrong

Howard university’s  dean of fine arts and actress, Phylicia Rashad, who co-starred with Bill Cosby on “The Cosby Show” — offered an apology on Friday for supporting the repeal of Bill Cosby’s sexual assault conviction.

Phylicia Rashad tweeted, “Finally!!!! A terrible wrong is being righted”, following Bill Cosby’s shocking release from a Pennsylvania prison on Wednesday.

Shortly after her celebratory tweet, Phylicia received lots of backlash from Howard university students and faculty. According to Page Six, the university believed her tweet lacked sensitivity for the abuse victims.

The actress penned an apology letter to Howard University, saying, “My remarks were in no way directed towards survivor of sexual assault. I vehemently oppose sexual violence.”

Rashad added that she would “participate in trainings to not only reinforce University protocol and conduct but also to learn how I can become a stronger ally to sexual assault survivors.” Howard University has yet to comment.