Netflix Movie Walkthrough: The Strangers-Prey at Night

Juliana Rivas

It’s so disappointing when companies value quantity over quality. Netflix is the first that comes to mind, with their large quantity of movies but the majority are of poor quality. Netflix can provide good movies or even completed series but instead, they choose to give their consumers the bare minimum.

Case in point, instead of the complete duo of the movie series The Strangers. Netflix only provides the sequel, The Strangers: Prey at Night. The 2018 film is the lesser of the two, where home-invasion horror comes to the trailer park when a family arrives at a mobile home community to find nobody there but a trio of masked murderers.

Due to the 2008 film The Strangers, the audience learns that the three masked murderers are named Dollface, Man in the Mask, and Pin-Up Girl.

The movie starts off as a truck pulls into the driveway of a trailer home. A knock at the front door wakes an elderly woman. She gets out of bed as the knocking becomes more persistent leaving her dog and sleeping husband in bed. She peeks through the curtain and doesn’t see anyone in the truck parked in her driveway.

As she turns around, she sees someone inside her living room. A long hair stranger whose face is concealed in the shadow. Back in the bedroom, the elderly man is still sleeping, even as the same masked intruder lies down in bed facing him menacingly.

The family in this movie is introduced with dad Mike, his wife Cindy, their son Luke, and daughter Kinsey. They are currently dealing with some family drama. Mike and Cindy are packing up their luggage for the family road trip.

Kinsey coming out with the most luggage as she is starting boarding school tomorrow. She was a part of an incident at school that leads to her parents deciding she needs to be sent to boarding school for discipline.

Hoping to spend one last night as a family, they decide to spend the night at their aunt and uncle’s RV. Stopping at a local diner there is some emotional confrontation between Kinsey and her mom.

Finally reaching their destination, they pull into Gatlin Lake getaway. The same trailer park home that was at the beginning of the film with the elderly couple. Supervising the site, it is completely empty due to it being off-season.

Entering the office Cindy finds the keys to their trailer on the counter left by Uncle Marvin. Along with a note that ends in a smiley face. As the family drives away towards their RV they miss the same smiley face on the mailbox out in front.

Once everyone is settled in for the night, the parents are interrupted by a knock on the door. Cindy looks through the curtain seeing a girl. Opening the door, there is a long-haired blonde on the front door. She asks the couple is Tamara is home. Her face eerily hidden by the darkness outside.

The couple shocked by this stranger say no and the woman walks away. The parents weirded out watch as the strange woman continues to walk away. No vehicle in sight, just her walking further away from the house.

Despite that weird encounter, Mike tries to talk to Kinsey and communicate with his daughter. Unfortunately, Kinsey is still upset about being sent off and storms away from the trailer. Her brother Luke finds her sitting on a bench at a playground with a lite cigarette in her hand. He starts the conversation off by teasing her about her not inhaling the cigarette.

For some time they have an honest conversation about the difficulties with growing up and act as true siblings do. When they are done, Luke finishes the conversation by throwing the unused lite cigarette on the ground. As they are making their way back to the trailer, not noticing the stranger hidden in the surrounding forest watching them.

Back at the trailer, Cindy stands in front of the restroom mirror reflecting on her looks, Mike comforting her. But are once again interrupted by a knock on the door. Mike steps away to go confront the knocker. As he opens the door, he is asked the same question as before, by the same long-haired female stranger.

When he again denies Tamara being there he turns around looking baffled about the girl’s strange behavior. The blonde again walks away in a direction with no certain destination, she just walks towards the field.

Cindy is starting to grow concerned for Kinsey and Luke since they are still not back, getting ready to go search for them if they don’t come back soon. Although Mike assures his wife that the kids are okay, she is not having it. She is officially weirded out.

As the kids are making their way back to the RV, they come across a trailer that looks like it’s been broken into. Kinsey is excited to check it out much to Luke’s hesitance. Once inside they start to goof around are both are pretty excited looking around inside. Not noticing it’s their aunt and uncle’s trailer.

But they are soon distracted by a noise in the backroom, and when they go to investigate, they are surprised by a dog rushing out of the room. The same one that was asleep with the elderly couple earlier.

As they look around the small bedroom, Luke pushes the curtains aside and is disturbed to see hello written all over the window in red lipstick. Kinsey goes towards the bed and pulls back the sheet covering the dead body of their aunt and uncle, the elderly couple from the beginning.

Completely freaked out they both run away and into their parents, who happen to be walking around the trailer park looking for them. Luke talks about the dead bodies they found which causes Mike to immediately send Cindy and Kinsey back to their trailer. While he and Luke go back and investigate the murders.

When the mother and daughter get back to the trailer, they find all the family’s cell phones have been deliberately broken, piled on the table. As Cindy tries to use the smashed cell phone to call for help Kinsey turns around and sees the masked doll face stranger standing behind them inside the trailer.

Still on the phone, Cindy turns around when Dollface starts scratching her knife around the counter. Trying to run from the masked stranger they run to the bathroom with Dollface chasing after them. Locked inside they are panicked Kinsey crying and Cindy yelling for Dollface to leave them alone.

Looking up they see a sunroof-type window that is easily accessible. Cindy helps her daughter climb out and as soon as she’s onto the roof Dollface breaks through the door similar to Jack Torrance from The Shinning. Cindy tells Kinsey to run, but she doesn’t. She watches powerlessly as Dollface comes up behind Cindy and stabs her mother in the back several times all while screaming in anguish. Kinsey makes it off the roof and takes off running away.

Completely oblivious of what just happened Mike and Luke return to the trailer with their aunt and uncle’s bodies. They realize the strangers must have found out they were coming due to a message Cindy left on the answering machine. When they go to leave the trailer they see the Man in the Mask standing in the street wielding an ax.

Mike starts to panic searching all over the trailer for his uncle’s gun, once he finds it, he swings open the front door facing the street. Armed with the gun raised the street is empty. Able to get back to their own trailer they find the broken phones and Cindy’s corpse in the bathroom. Bloody handprints on the walls and a bloody smile on the mirror.

Mike and Luke completely panicked get into the van and drive away to go find Kinsey, who is still running away from Dollface. she keeps running until her path is blocked by the trailer park fence that completely surrounds her.

While Mike and Luke are driving around the park shouting for Kinsey, a cinder block gets thrown into the windshield. Sending them swerving off-road and crashing into a wooden porch of a trailer. The hood destroyed with smoke coming out.

Kinsey still running for her life encounters the Man in the Mask. He’s in his pickup truck taunting her by revving up his engine before he starts to chase her down. She hides from him in a big metal tube and yells at him when he aims the truck’s headlights inside. Directly next to Kinsey hidden from the darkness, out Pinup Girl. Kinsey screams and runs down the tube away from the two.

Luke wakes up from the car crash disoriented and finds his dad in the driver’s seat impaled by a wooden beam. Mike screaming in pain and Luke distraught with the condition his father is in. Mike understanding that there is no hope orders Luke to take the gun and find his sister. Luke agrees to go search for Kinsey after he reassures his father, he’ll come back later to help.

After Luke leaves, Man in the Mask’s silhouette is seen by the crashed porch. He walks to the car and gets in the passenger seat with Mike pinned to the seat weaponless. The Man in the Mask turns on the radio just listening to the music while Mike pleads to him to be let go. The Man in the Mask slowly turns to Mike’s eyes in a daze as he slowly takes out a screwdriver and stabs Mike in the neck.

Man in the Mask cleans up his bloody hand and goes back to the road looking for the remaining two. Kinsey hides from his truck by going into a random trailer. She starts to catch her breath when she hears a noise coming from the back. Foolishly she follows the noise into the back room and sees a jack in the box toy on the floor. She picks up the toy once it pops and Dollface emerges from hiding underneath a blanket.

Dollface lunges for Kinsey and they start to struggle on the floor. Dollface manages to stab Kinsey in the leg but is prevented from causing any more wounds when Luke shows up waiving around a gun. With Kinsey by his side, he has the perfect shot but doesn’t take it. Instead, they both run out the trailer AGAIN back out in the open.

They decide to climb the window of another random trailer so they can fix Kinsey’s leg wound. Luke sets the gun on a table behind him as he starts to cadaver Kinsey’s leg. They start to have a loving sibling conversation, reminiscing about their parents. Which comes to an end when the pickup truck crashes in through the trailer walls. Absolutely destroying anything in its path, including the table that Luke put the gun on.

The siblings climb out another window, but Kinsey’s injury is slowing them both down. Luke hides her underneath another random trailer in hope that the strangers won’t see her. He makes his way towards the office to call the police, unfortunately as he is giving out information the call is cut off.

Luke throws the phone down and hears a noise coming from the other backroom. He picks up a golf club to use as a weapon, shouting to the hidden stranger turning all his attention to the doorway that leads to the room.

Unbeknownst to him, Pinup Girl is right behind him. He runs out of the office towards the community pool. Lights start to flicker on, Christmas lights on the palm trees, the lights decorating the office building, and the light inside the pool.

Luke is walking away from the office when Pinup Girl sprints towards him, getting smacked down by the golf club. This time when Luke is granted an opportunity to kill a stranger, he takes it. He pins Pinup Girl to the ground, with her struggling against him, grabs the knife that she dropped and stabs her repeatedly.

As Pinup Girl dies Luke is still straddling her shaking in shock. Now Man in the Mask comes out from the office dragging along his ax. Luke jumps up and starts to slowly back away from Man in the Mask while mocking Pinup Girl’s death. He still has the knife in his hand and starts waving it toward Man in the Mask while becoming angry.

Man in the Mask rushes towards Luke lifting his ax missing Luke swing after swing. Luke continuing to dodge all of the ax-wielding maniac’s swings. He falls down and before Man in the Mask can swing his ax down, Luke rolls himself into the swimming pool.

He pops back up and drags Man in the Mask in after him. Under the water, they are both struggling to get the upper hand while also popping up for breath. Luke still wielding the knife he took from Pinup Girl while Man in the Mask tries to make him let it go.

They continue to struggle until the Man in the Mask eventually grabs the knife from Luke. Defenseless, Luke tries to get out of the pool but sadly the masked stranger catches up and stabs him in the back. Luke’s blood fills the pool as he weakly tries to stay afloat. The stranger standing over him menacingly, in Luke’s blood before he walks away.

Luke is still splashing around as Kinsey randomly finds him and pulls him out of the pool. She hides the wounded Luke in the office and takes off to get help. Fortunately, as she makes her way to the street, she falls right in front of a police car.

The police officer tries to reassure her that things are going to be fine. Then before he knows it Dollface approaches the two and from behind slits the officer’s throat with a gigantic knife. Kinsey runs to the police car’s open driver door wanting to take off.

Dollface comes up to the driver’s window waving around the keys to the car. Kinsey switches to the passenger seat trying to grab the shotgun that is locked in its place between the two seats. As Dollface gets in the car Kinsey with no hesitation cocks the gun and fires. The close-range shot is so powerful it throws Dollface out of the car.

Kinsey gets out of the car and demasks Dollface, who has blood coming out her mouth.  Kinsey standing over the wounded stranger she lifts up the shotgun and fires a second shot, killing Dollface.

Kinsey panting and looking around the street walks back to the police car but before she can start it up. Behind her in the distance, a pair of truck headlights are seen coming towards her. He is speeding towards her and rear-ends the police car. He pulls up beside her and they make direct eye contact before he drives past her up and disappears.

Then in a blink of an eye, a pair of headlights is seen again, this time on the side of the police car. He T-bones the cop car sending her out the driver’s side door. The pickup truck is down for the count stuck to the cop car and starting to leak gas everywhere.

Kinsey takes out her lighter and throws it in the gasoline lighting both cars on fire. She starts to walk away as both cars blow up in flames. The flaming pickup truck reverses and starts chasing her down the street. Kinsey makes it to the only exit bridge and makes it halfway before her leg wound causes her to fall to the ground.

As she slowly crawls towards the other end of the bridge the Man in the Mask gets out his vehicle and slowly makes his way towards her on foot. The headlight illuminates the man’s appearance, his mask melted to his face and burn wounds all over his body and a shard of glass sticking out his abdomen.

The wound is lethal enough that he drops to his knees before he can reach Kinsey. He raises his burned shaky hands and pulls out the shard of glass. Immediately he drops face first. Kinsey runs to the open road and flags down a passing truck.

The woman steps out of her truck and goes to help her out but quickly turns back and jumps back inside. Man in the Mask is behind Kinsey wielding his ax again. Kinsey climbs in the back of the woman’s truck while the woman drives away.

The Man in the Mask tries to follow Kinsey, but she grabs a baseball bat from the bed of the truck she swings it. It knocks the stranger off the back. Kinsey is screaming and crying in the back of the truck as the woman drives away, leaving the Man in the Mask dead in the street.

Both siblings are at the hospital alive. Luke in the hospital bed on a breathalyzer and Kinsey asleep in the chair next to him. Kinsey gets up to grab a glass of water but drops it in fear when she hears a knock on the door.