Minecraft: Caves and Cliffs Update

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Rebecca Rathbun, Staff Writer

Caves and Cliffs is the first major update for Minecraft that has been split in two. The first part of the update is 1.17, released earlier this month on June 8.  Part two is 1.18, scheduled to be released in December.

Part one introduces 137 new features including; goats, glow squid, axolotls, lush cave features and new blocks. It also has cliff updates that stand out in the upgraded terrain generation.  The mountains are more diverse with hilly tops and more dramatic, steep mountains.

Part two will feature major cave updates and a mob known as the Warden. Lush caves will have vegetation inside of them. New blocks that were creative only blocks in part one will generate naturally in the world.

These updates breathe new life into a well-known sandbox game. There are new sights to see and creatures to interact with. The goats catch more air than Michael Jordan and the axolotls can be tamed to fight for you.  The axolotls go where no dog has gone before, into the water temple!

The game developers hinted that there are even more updates to come after 1.18. There is speculation within the Minecraft community as to what a potential 1.19 update would entail, but Mojang has yet to say what it could be.