CDC Eases Mask Guidelines


Jdron Davis, Student


The Center for Disease Control and Prevention has announced new mask guidelines stating that fully vaccinated persons are now allowed to attend events and gatherings without their protective face coverings. It is an ordinance that alludes to what can be seen as progress in the face of the ongoing pandemic. The information was presented by the CDC’s Director, Rochelle Walensky, at the recent White House briefing. Fully vaccinated individuals (those who have taken both shots) are no longer mandated to social distance or wear masks with other fully vaccinated people. They can engage with low-risk unvaccinated individuals, and are allowed the declination of further testing if they’re asymptomatic. Walensky states, “As more people get vaccinated, levels of COVID-19 infection decline in communities, and as our understanding of COVID immunity improves, we look forward to updating these recommendations to the public.” 

While these guidelines are effective immediately, the CDC still recommends regular mask use for optimal protection. For those who are confused by these announcements, like the vaccine, they are just proactive measures to help defend against the possibility of transference. Want to go for a morning stroll, and forget your protective gear? It’s okay, if you’re fully vaccinated. Clearance requires a two-week period that must pass for those who have completed the recommended dosage. Research shows that people carry significantly minimal virus in their bodies even in cases of rare infections of the coronavirus, which means it is not likely to pass on to surrounding people. The information comes as a much anticipated surprise, as many hope for things to return to normal.

Along with several other states, Texas has also relaxed on the provisions surrounding mask regulations. With the summer approaching, most citizens are preparing for the hot months, and are likely to explore the outside environment. Places where masks are still required include grocery/convenience stores, hospitals, and senior living establishments. The CDC notes that while things are getting better, there is still an estimated number of 50,000 new coronavirus cases each day. Possibilities for a new spike may occur if careless measures are enforced. On the bright side, a mask-less society would reinforce more positivity in spite of the lost morale around the globe. 

Over 230,000,000 vaccinations have already been administered making strides to better our current state. The whopping number has also made it possible for dedicated vaccination sites to offer care without setting an early appointment date. Various pharmacies and online databases are available per state to find testing and vaccination locations. offers a search database for centers in your area. Convenience plays a critical role in being able to provide quick accessibility to vital resource spots.

Since vaccination is now being provided at much faster rates, maybe there is a silver lining on the horizon. The new guidelines given by The Center for Disease Control and Prevention  (CDC) has sparked what may be a return to normalcy for fully vaccinated persons. Though we aren’t completely alleviated from the ongoing virus, progress has been made in some way. There is hope that the world will soon be able to conquer a daunting issue once and for all.