Woman faces jail time over spending $3.3 million in CARES Act money


Dalila Juarez, Staff

A woman named LaDonna Wiggins who is 37 years-old, is facing up to 30 years in prison for falsifying bank statements and spending approximately $3.3 million dollars in CARES Act money on lavish items such as a new home and a Land Rover vehicle. Other charges include bank fraud and money laundering.

The court documents showed Wiggins bought two homes worth $725,000, built a pool, along with $36,000 at Amazon, a 2020 Land Rover vehicle for $78,000, and more!

In times during the pandemic, the government has offered to help millions of Americans get back in their feet by lending them money which was know as Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act” or CARES Act for short. Wiggins submitted two Paycheck Protection Program loan applications which led her to receive more than $3.6 million.

Wiggins’ attorney issued a statement that said, : “We are very disappointed to learn that the government has decided to pursue criminal charges against our client, LaDonna Wiggins, after our repeated requests to sit down and discuss this matter with them. Ms. Wiggins is innocent of the charges brought against her in a nine-count indictment, as well as any and all allegations of wrongdoing which the government has lodged against her. Contrary to their allegations, Ms. Wiggins is a highly successful, young, African American business woman who has cultivated several thriving local businesses and is an upstanding member of and asset to the Houston community.”

Falsifying documents is a big crime, and for someone to recklessly spend the money that she received from the CARES Act does not show Wiggins a successful woman. Even then, bank documents are more proof what kind of income she was earning.

If convicted, Wiggins could face up to 30 years in federal prison and an $1 million maximum fine. Always be cautions when receiving a high amount of money. You never know whether it was a mistake.