H-E-B hands out free groceries after losing power.


Dalila Juarez

Texas’s grocery store, H-E-B, was open during the ice storm that caused millions of homes without power and low pressure water. People drove to their local grocery store to gather food and supplies in order to survive the freezing cold temperatures.

In Leander, Texas, their H-E-B store was open in which Texans quickly grabbed what they can and head to the checkout stands. All of the sudden, the grocery chain store suffered an outage that left customers in disappointment.

Local, Tim Hennessy, recalled that day where he and his wife arrived to the checkout and the cashier thanked him and told him to drive safely. It was until then he realized the store was allowing them to walk out with free merchandise.

And it hit us — like, wow, they’re just letting us walk out the door,” Hennessy stated.

There was no comment by H-E-B itself about the kindness that they left their customers since that day. People, however, are showing their gratitude towards the chain on social medias.

Texas suffered severe cold temperatures that caused dangerous icy roads, power outages and little to no running water. Millions of residences had to curled up in one room and rely on their own body warmth to survive the days.