A Look Into Tarsha Kelly’s Graduation


Joel Valdes, Staff Writer

As the semester comes to a close, another set of students is ready to graduate from HCC. During this time it is important to take a look at the variety of people who attend this college, and one of them is Tarsha Kelly. This is a look into her experiences and thoughts from her time at HCC.

Where are you from, Tarsha?

I am from Katy, TX .

What program are you getting your degree/certification in?

I am getting an AA Business Degree – I will finish with honors as my GPA is a 3.32 now and I currently have an A in my final class.

What were some of the obstacles/adversities you faced as a student? Can you tell us what you did to get through those tough moments?

When I walked into my first class (Weekend Student) and the professor was asking if we had looked at the syllabus I was very lost as I am 46 years old and had not been to school in a very long time.  Even though I was a bit flustered I made sure to participate in class because I KNEW I had to succeed this time and I am so thankful I did/have.

What feelings do you have finishing up during the pandemic?

I am saddened that I did not have the opportunity to interact with my classmates and support staff at the school (Dr. Cheryl Peters and Christy Shell). I went and visited them every Saturday and was soooo excited about my parents seeing their 46-year-old daughter walk across a stage and that opportunity was taken away by Covid-19.  For me that is the worst part.

What’s next for you?

I plan to go to UHD and get my B.S. in Supply Chain as I have worked in the Supply Chain for the last 15 years and like that that degree is not industry specific. 

What advice do you have to offer others that are in school?

Having a good attitude makes all the difference in the world.  Encourage others along the way and build a good support system around you with family, friends and students alike.