Funtella Moore’s Graduation Story

Joel Valdes, Staff Writer

When Funtella Moore’s oldest son graduated in 2018, the excitement that she saw in him as he walked across the stage inspired her to go back to school. This was not an easy decision to make, especially considering the busy schedule that comes along with being a single mother. Even so, the difficulties and sacrifices of balancing school with her other responsibilities would be worth it because of what she would be able to achieve. 

She decided that she would major in health science, and the first step in doing so would be to get her GED.

Moore had attended high school when she was younger, but dropped out during her Junior year. She got a job and started her family when she was 20, so the increasing amount of responsibilities of adulthood made it difficult to complete her education. As time continued to pass, she also became afraid to ask for help and get advice on what to do. 

There had been some instances in which she had tried to go back, but her attempts had not worked out and only resulted in more student loans. After she decided to try again, she was determined to carefully plan her timeline and stick to the plan. 

When Moore enrolled in HCC, she kept it a secret from her kids at first. She didn’t want to be embarrassed in case it didn’t work out again, but that was not the case this time around. When she finally told her children, they were very proud of her and pushed her to keep going.

Her journey was not always smooth sailing, and there were times when life became overwhelming. She recalls almost dropping out after different medical issues came up with members of her family. Despite the numerous challenges, Moore persevered, realizing time after time that she had gotten further than she had been able to before.

In December of 2019, she passed all subjects of the GED test. She is currently working on her associate degree, and strives to finish her educational journey with a master’s. She aspires to become a registered nurse, and stated that she is passionate about helping people and understands the importance of providing companionship. The winding road toward reaching these types of goals is difficult and unpredictable, but Funtella Moore is a shining example of the determination and hard work that leads to success.