Moving Pictures Weekly: What movie to watch on Halloween night


Joel Valdes, Staff Writer

It is likely that more people will spend Halloween indoors this year, but this doesn’t mean that the fun of Halloween needs to be lost as well. A great way to enjoy the night and capture the spirit of the holiday is by eating candy with the people you live with and enjoying a Halloween movie together. The selection of possible movies is vast, but the best option from the current Netflix catalog is the 2012 film Paranorman. 

Paranorman was directed by Chris Butler and Sam Fell, and stars the voice talent of Kodi Smit-McPhee as Norman Babcock. It was produced by Laika, the production company that has made some of the most visually impressive stop-motion films in recent years. This film is yet another success that the company has under their belt.

The premise of the movie centers on Norman, a kid with the ability to see ghosts in a similar way to the child from The Sixth Sense. As an old curse starts waking up the dead, the responsibility is put on him (and some unexpected allies) to restore peace and save the town. 

This film is a perfect balancing act between the darker themes of death, and the comedy that has come to be expected from animation. The clashing personalities between the cast of characters is effectively used to guarantee laughs from the audience and to keep the story fresh and engaging. The visual comedy is phenomenally clever, and is impressively used to develop the characters and story.  

Despite its PG rating, the movie has surprisingly adult themes speckled throughout. Because of this, it might be best to watch it if everyone is older than 10 years old. If that fits the age range in your home, this movie will be the perfect choice for something to watch that (much like a ghost), stays with you long after it’s over.