Voting from a first time voter perspective


The other day I experienced exercising my right to vote but, as a first time voter I was very nervous. I wasn’t sure what to expect. Here are a few things I experienced

  1. when you walk in you have to sanitize your hands and put a finger glove on your voting finger. Cells phone usage isn’t allowed so I suggest leaving it in your car.
  2. you are going to scan your license so have that prepared. This is when you grab your code and a sticker. I told the gentleman at the table it was my first time and he happily explained to me how the whole system works.
  3. when you get to your booth you are going to choose your language and begin voting. you turn a dial to all of your choices, because the screen isn’t touch screen. you go over all 9 pages and pick the candidates you want.
  4. at the end you need to read over all of your selections to make sure those are who you wanted.
  5. Lastly you are going to sanitize your station and leave.

make sure you wear a mask and bring your state id! All in all I was in there for not even 10 minutes. So if a line is your issue then you don’t have one at all!