Armenia Needs Our Help

Armenia Needs Our Help

Stephanie Medrano

If you don’t know what is currently going on in Armenia I will fill you in.


Armenian – Azerbijani grivences date back to the genocide when newly founded Azerbijani  assisted by the Ottoman Empire and later the Republic of Turkey massacred 30,000 Armenianas in Baku.  Armenians are indigenes to the territory known as Armenian highlands and includes the region south of the Caucasus Mountains.  During the 1920’s the region of Nakhijevan and Artsakh was placed under the jurisdiction of Azerbaijani by society authority even though majority of the population were Aremenian to appease Turkey. In 1988 right before the soviet union collapsed  Armenians in the region started to demand that they be reunited with Armenia or be granted independence.  As tensions continued to grow violence enounced from both sides. There were forced deportations of Armenians from Azerbaijani and vise versa. In 1992 a full out war broke out and continued until Armenians gained control of there land Nakhijevan and its surrounding territories after over 30,000 lives lost the peace treaty  in 1994 was signed.

On September 27th at 7:15 in the morning, Azerbaijani attacked Artsakh and Stepanakert which are part of Nagorno-Karabakh  by air and artillery forces which violates the treaty that they signed in 1994 with the UN and OSCE peace group when both parties agreed to cease fire.

Turkey’s also continued aggressive support of Azerbijani threatens another possible genocide for Armenians.

Now I’m sure your thinking what can we do to help? I will be linking petitions to sign, number to call and links were we can donate.

These are human lives that do not have to be lost. We cannot continue to let them start another war.

Call on your Congressmembers to condemn the attacks, stop military aid, and sanction Azerbaijan and Turkey. 

Call on Media Outlets to accurately cover the Turkish-Azerbaijani attack on Artsakh and Armenia

Donate to ArmeniaFund


Petition to Urge Congress to Stop Azerbaijan’s Attack Against Artsakh

Sanction Turkey: Armenia and Artsakh Under Attack