Election Year During a Pandemic in Texas

Stephanie Medrano

Election time is always a big deal and this year we are going to have it during a pandemic which only adds to the stress of things. So, what exactly is being doing done differently due to COVID-19? If you have been diagnosed with COVID-19 or are showing symptoms you can request and emergency mail in ballot or use curbside voting. Poll locations will have social distancing and regular cleaning. Several counties will offer ballot marking devices so voters avoid contact with election equipment. Mail in voting has been blocked as of now unless you have a medical condition or are 65 years or older. Texas also allows voters to cast ballots by mail if they will be out of the county during the election period, confined in jail but otherwise eligible, or if they cite a disability, which the state defines as a physical condition or illness that makes a trip to the polls a risky endeavor. Early voting will begin on Tuesday October 13, 2020 and go through October 30, 2020 this will be in Hall D at NRG Arena. The facility also will have drive-thru early voting in NRG Park’s Blue Lot 16. The Toyota Center will also be used as a voting location. The younger people ive talked to have talked about curbside voting while older people are more open to the regular voting polls but maybe voting early.