“Pandemic Fights”- Relationships on Edge

Julia Montanez

It seems that the Pandemic of 2020 has brought about a lot of change. This pandemic has opened our eyes to systemic racism, the true compassion of others, and how well society has been handling it all under immense pressures. Relationships are just another arena that seems to be tested during this time. Married couples, friendships, work relationships, and many forms of daily collaborating with counterparts has brought so much truth to the table and many are not happy about it.

NY Times has coined the term “Pandemic Fights”. Which are fights you are having with your spouse due to being around them more than usual. People engage in pandemic fights after succumbing to boredom or just physical irritation from being locked up for too long with the same person. The NY Times even wrote about how to prevent these fights and how working on solutions as a couple is beneficial. Understanding the psychological awareness of why fights start, they say, can help in recognizing how to stop them.

They go on to discuss that disagreements are not a sign of an unhealthy relationship, but inevitable. Well then, why are some many couples, more specifically, celebrity couples “calling it quits” after years of marriage, after only 3 or 4 months of lockdown together? I thought the term was “til death do us part”? Not “until lockdown drives us crazy”.

Single people are encountering their own issues. After learning to live without anyone for so long, how do you cope with someone new coming into your life and trying to share your space? One woman admitted that she did not realize how happy she was with herself until lockdown happened. While other singles aimlessly dated as usual without social distancing or masks.

I have to say that I appreciate the pandemic for all the honesty it has brought out of people. We have a worldwide movement that is protesting how minorities are being treated by those in power. We have the earth repairing itself and flourishing without the help of humans, but instead their lack of movement. We have powerful political leaders openly expressing their true sentiments and passions when they use to always take a diplomatic approach. Maybe, married couples, after years of lies are finally opening up about what they truly want or need. Or is everyone just crying for some attention after being lockdown for half a year?