Latarsha Ellis


For months now, experts and people all around the world have been baffled with the same questions? What are the coronavirus symptoms and treatments? How does it spread and who is at risk? How can I protect myself? Although stay-at-home orders are in place, we’ve practiced social distancing, and face masks are required, businesses are going bankrupt as the number of deaths and infected people continue to rise. This could be the beginning of an economic collapse. What I find most troubling, is that doctors and nurses are resigning after being forced to change death certificates, the numbers are being exaggerated, emergency rooms are empty with false claims of crowding, fear is sweeping the nation. There’s no clear answers, no simple solution, other than rhetoric about mandatory vaccines.

Symptoms and Treatment

In the beginning, the symptoms were similar to the influenza virus. Now the symptoms are: fever/chills, cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, fatigue, muscle or body aches, headache, new loss of taste or smell, sore threat, congestion or runny nose, sneezing, nausea or vomiting, inability to stay awake, persistent pain or pressure in the chest, new confusion, bluish lips or face, and the list goes on. Sounds like anyone could have the symptoms. Many of these symptoms are the same as side effects from the prescription drugs that the doctors prescribe. If the symptoms seemed bizarre, the treatment is even more confusing.

There is a broad range of different symptoms, however the treatment has been simple and plain for those who are not in need of a ventilator. Self-quarantine. So, here we have a deadly virus, a global pandemic, yet our only treatment is to isolate ourselves for a given time? No prescription needed? No antibiotics available? However, Bill Gates, a software developer, who has no medical experience, suggests that mandatory vaccines may be necessary.

Who is at risk? How can you get COVID-19? How can I protect myself?

First, those who recently travelled to foreign countries were at risk. Then, unhealthy individuals with weak immune systems were victims. Now, everyone is at risk and no one is safe. Kids are at risk, healthy young adults are at risk, those who never travel are at risk, and those who don’t practice social distancing are at risk. On the CDC website, the virus can spread from host to host, through droplets from sneezing or coughing. 

It’s been suggested to get a diagnostic test, wear a mask, avoid crowded places, and practice social distance, but why? In the New York Times, it was reported that the CDC labs were contaminated, key components were missing, and manufacturing procedures were violated, resulting in test kits that were ineffective. According to the F.D.A., these defective test kits were sent to 100 state and local public health labs despite the error. However, the numbers of deaths and infected cases continue to grow. We get a positive result, just to be told to self-quarantine. We buy masks only to learn that the 48,000 masks banned by the F.D.A., were already distributed to the first responders. Illinois spent over 17 million on masks along with other states that were later recalled once it was too late.

By now, you may be wondering, can anything be done to avoid catching the coronavirus? The governors suggest you stay home, and avoid any gatherings. Civil liberties are being violated. Here I am confused, asking myself, isn’t it a billion ways to die? However, we place all of this emphasis on just one way, dark COVID-19, which is surrounded by uncertainty.