Bars, gyms, and salons must stay closed, Texas AG says

The Associated Press

Jamarcus Alix, Egalitarian

HOUSTON, Texas — Governor Greg Abbot’s ruling that salons, gyms and bars must stay closed is not vague and must be obeyed by everyone in the state, according to a ruling by the Texas Attorney General’s office.

The governor’s order allows restaurants and retail businesses to open up Friday May 1, but prohibits bars, salons and gyms and other businesses from opening.

Brazoria County Judge Matt Sebesta asked the A.G. for an opinion on the governor’s order based on reports that the order was vague and unenforceable.

The A.G. wrote, “The Governor’s order is neither vague nor unenforceable, and local governments are prohibited from allowing businesses to reopen unless they are recognized as essential or reopened services under the Governor’s order.”