NFL Modern Classics: Jets – Patriots 2012

During this Thanksgiving night game back in 2012, we witnessed the Jets getting crushed by the Patriots and Coach Belichick netting his 200th win. We also saw the embodiment of the Jets in one play…


The New York Jets! The NFL’s Butt Fumble!

Alexander Thomas, Staff Writer

During this time where various sports leagues have discontinued games for the foreseeable future, it’s best to look back at games from the past. In the first article of a series I will be producing daily, we will relive various modern classic game from the NFL, MLB and NBA. Today, let’s look at the 2012 Thanksgiving night match-up between the New York Jets and the New England Patriots. Why this game you ask? It’s simply really. This game gave us the butt fumble. The Jet’s (and Mark Sanchez’s) most famous play! Laughter is good medicine during these trying times.

Second Quarter (this is when the action began)

Right off the bat,  Tom Brady threw an easy TD pass to one of his favorite targets, Wes Welker (man that guy was good). Kicker Stephen Gostkowski made the extra point, putting the Pats on top early. Minutes later, Brady dumps the ball off to running back Shane Vereen. Vereen darted on for a 83 yard touchdown, dodging two defenders on the way. Gostkowski again made it from the spot, bringing Brady and co. two scores up. After kickoff, the Jets plodded up the field. Until…

Funny and terrible. The epitome of the Jet’s in one play. And to make matters worse, the Pats recovered and scored on this play. After the extra point, New York found themselves in a very deep hole. But these are the Jets, meaning it’s about to get worse. Receiving the kickoff, the Jets kick returner fumbles the ball right into Julian Edelman’s hands. Edelman proceeds to run for end zone and the six points. Following another well kicked extra point, the Jets were down 28 to nothing. New York couldn’t do anything with the ball once they got it, quickly giving it back to New England. In four plays, Brady connected with Edelman for another touchdown; this gave Brady a hat-trick and Edelman a brace. New York was now down 35 points in the dying minutes of the first half. Just before the clock hit zero, the Jets were able to kick a 32 yard field goal. At least they were able to go into the locker room with points on the board.

Third Quarter

The start of the second half was pretty dull. That was when New York suddenly scored a safety. But it wasn’t through the conventional way. The safety was scored due to a penalty (NE RB Stevan Ridley executed a chop block in his end zone). This made for a strange score of 5-35. Shortly thereafter, Mark Sanchez handed the ball of to RB Bilal Powell for a short touchdown run. Th extra point brought the score to 12-35.

Fourth Quarter

To add more to his touchdown tally, Tom Brady punched it in from the 1 yard line. At this point, Coach Belichick seems to be running up the score. It’s now 12-42 after the extra point. A minute later, the Pats score (for the last time) thanks to a Stevan Ridley 9 yard run. With the Pats having 49 points, Brady was substituted off for Ryan Mallet. They also allowed the Jets to score one touchdown on them; it was a Sanchez pass to tight end Dustin Keller from short distance. The game ended 19-49. A disappointing loss for New York.

Notable Faces

New York Jets

Rex Ryan (no longer coaching)

Tim Tebow (in the minor league system with the Mets)

Mark Sanchez (retired)

New England Patriots

Mike Patricia (now head coach for the Detroit Lions)

Aaron Hernandez (deceased)

Tom Brady (now playing for the Tampa Bay Bucs)