Rodeo Headliner Series: Chris Young


Chris Young: winner of the 2006 Nashville Star t.v. competition.

Alexander Thomas, Staff Writer

Chris Young is a well-known country artist in Nashville who has a great voice. He is actually the product of a show called Nashville Star lasted six seasons starting in 2003. He entered the competition in 2006 (his audition was here in Houston), winning the competition. After winning, he signed with one of the major label and began releasing albums after. His breakout album was Neon in 2011. The album debuted at number 4 and achieved platinum status. His 2013 release A.M. achieved similar success. The albums Young put out by then were very much country albums, however he began to release new records that had heavy pop influences. Out of all the albums Chris Young has released, A.M. is by far my favorite one. The song that catches my ear from that record has gotta be “Lonely Eyes”. It is a very stirring song about a guy sitting in a bar when a pair of “lonely eyes” comes walking in.