What!? An Article on Hockey!?

The Detroit Red Wings beat the Boston Bruins 3-1, ending the Bruins recent six-game winning streak.


NHLI via Getty Images

DETROIT, MI – FEBRUARY 09: Andreas Athanasiou #72 of the Detroit Red Wings celebrates his second goal of the third period goal with teammates Filip Hronek #17, Dylan Larkin #71 and Christoffer Ehn #70 during an NHL game against the Boston Bruins at Little Caesars Arena on February 9, 2020 in Detroit, Michigan. Detroit defeated Boston 3-1. (Photo by Dave Reginek/NHLI via Getty Images)

Alexander Thomas, Staff Writer

You’re probably wondering why someone would write about hockey here in Houston. Well, allow me then to introduce you a wonderful sport little talked about here. Hockey has all the goals, hits, skill, etc. many sports have but the thing that makes it special is that it is played on ice. If you like big hits (I’m looking at you NFL fans), this game is for you. If you are awe-struck when an awesome goal is scored (soccer anyone?), this game is for you. If handles/skill are what you’re into (NBA fans get ready), hockey is for you. Should you want to explore more of this, here’s some jargon to learn.

Learning Hockey

Remember hockey is played with a puck, not a ball unlike numerous sports. A game starts with a face off; the puck is dropped between two opposing players who use their sticks to gain possession. The face off is also used to restart play when a foul occurs. The game is played between two teams, each having six players on the ice: five position players and one goalkeeper. NHL rosters have 20 players: they are made up of forwards, defenders and goalies. The game is made up of three 20 minute periods, for a total time of 60 minutes. You can learn more about hockey here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nv2FUnHceqU

Important Players From Both Teams

Detroit Red Wings: Dylan Larkin (#71) – He is the American cornerstone piece on a rebuilding Detroit team. This season he has scored 15 goals and has 25 assists, including an assist he made in yesterday’s win. He is an American center (position similar to center forward to those who know soccer) who shoot with his left.

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Boston Bruins: David Pastrnak (#88) – Part of the great attacking trio they have in Boston. He is a Czech right winger who has scored 38 goals and 40 assists this year. Even though the team lost, he provided Boston’s only assist. He shoots with right, making him an excellent crosser from the wing.

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Boston Bruins: Tuukka Rask (#40) – The Finnish goalie and leader of the defense. Having started 32 games this season, he won 20 of them (three of those wins were shutouts). Rask currently has a save percentage of 92%. He catches with his left.

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Boston Bruins: Brad Machand (#63) – The second peg in Boston’s attacking trio. Marchand is a Canadian left winger who has scored 23 goals and provided 46 assists this season. Shooting with his left, this has turned him into another crosser from the wing.

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Boston Bruins: Patrice Bergeron (#37) – The tip of the spear, Bergeron is the second Canadian in the Bruin’s forward line. He plays center and has 23 goals and 24 assists to his name. He also provided an assist in yesterday’s loss. Bergeron is a right handed shooter.

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Game Summary

Second Period: Red Wings player Brandon Perlini (#29) scores the first goal for Detroit in the second minute of the second period. He was assisted by Adam Erne (#73). Erne took advantage of a Boston turnover, passing to Perlini. Perlini skated around a defender and scored the goal by going for the far right post.

Third Period: Boston player Torey Krug (#47) ties up the game in the 33rd second of the third period. Pastrnak set up the Red Wings goalie by faking a shot and then crossing to Krug. Krug then punched in the incoming pass.

Red Wings player Andreas Anthanasiou (#72) scores the first goal of his brace at the seventh minute of the third period. Boston were a man down, giving Tyler Bertuzzi (#59) the space to execute a cross from the left side of goal. Anthanasiou then proceeded to go right for the upper right corner.

Anthanasiou made his brace by scoring in the dying seconds of the game. Christoffer Ehn (#70) caught Boston’s defenders sleeping and an empty net. Breaking through the line, Ehn became unselfish and gave the puck to Anthanasiou, sealing Detroit’s win. Even though Boston lost the game, they still retained the #1 seed in the East and will most likely be the top seed come playoff time. Detroit are in last place in the East, thus giving them likely hood of a good draft pick in the lottery.

Game Highlights

I will be writing about the league in the coming weeks, so stay tuned for more!