Another Year…Another Pro Bowl…

The AFC beats the NFC 38-33 in the 2020 Pro Bowl down in Orlando.

NFC QB Drew Brees passes against the AFC defense during the first quarter of the  2020 Pro Bowl in Orlando.

NFC QB Drew Brees passes against the AFC defense during the first quarter of the 2020 Pro Bowl in Orlando.

Alexander Thomas, Staff Writer

First Quarter (7-14)

Unlike last year’s Pro Bowl, which was pouring rain from start to finish, yesterday’s game was perfect for football. The sun was out and shining and the temperature was a nice sixty-seven degrees Fahrenheit. The game was running slowly, with the momentum coming from the AFC. With the AFC on the NFC’s 10 yard line, Lamar Jackson (Baltimore QB representative for the AFC) received the snap and ran to his left; finding no one open Jackson’s forced pass was picked off on the goal line by Budda Baker (Arizona representative for the NFC). With the ball back in the NFC’s hands, Drew Brees (New Orleans QB representative for the NFC) dropped a 59 yard bomb pass to Kenny Golladay (Detroit WR representative for the NFC). The yardage gained set the NFC up for the first touchdown of the day; a Drew Brees pass to fellow New Orleans teammate Michael Thomas (WR). The extra point by New Orleans kicker Will Lutz was fair, starting the game 0-7. Lamar Jackson and the AFC offense responded with a touchdown of their own; a Jackson TD pass to Andre Roberts (Buffalo WR rep for the AFC). it was originally ruled incomplete,but upon further review Roberts had possession of the ball before it was knocked away. Baltimore kicker Justin Tucker made the subsequent PAT, drawing both teams level. Drew Brees, having scored his touchdown for the day, was subbed off in favor of Russel Wilson. However, on his first play he gets sacked by Von Miller (Denver DE rep for the AFC). The setback didn’t phase the NFC offense; Russel Wilson passed for his first touchdown of the day to Amari Cooper (Dallas WR rep for the NFC). The NFC regained the lead 7-14 after Lutz made his second extra point.

Second Quarter (14-24)

Lamar Jackson again scored another touchdown to bring the AFC level. He did this by passing to his Baltimore teammate Mark Andrews. The AFC got another chance to gain the lead after the NFC turned over on downs. Jackson already had two touchdowns, so he was subbed out in favor of Texans QB Deshaun Watson. Watson did score his first touchdown of the game, passing to Colts TE Jack Doyle for the six points. The NFC again failed to gain traction and so had to punt the ball back. The NFC defense did hold the AFC offense to a 50 yard field goal by Baltimore kicker Justin Tucker.

Third Quarter (27-31)

The AFC received the ball in the second and were cruising towards the end zone when Za’Darius Smith (Packers DE) sacked Deshaun Watson, causing him to fumble the ball. The ball was recovered by one of the AFC linemen however. After sacking Watson, Smith along with the rest of the NFC defense celebrated by paying tribute to Kobe Bryant with a pull up jumper. Bryant along with one of his daughters and seven other people were killed in a helicopter crash outside L.A. earlier that day. Watson proceeded to throw an interception right into the hands of Harrison Smith (Vikings S) after the sack. As Smith was running with the ball, he lateralled it to Fletcher Cox (Eagles DT) who ran it in for the touchdown. The PAT brought the game closer at 21-24. The AFC, still reeling from the surprise TD, failed to score on their next possession. Kirk Cousins (Vikings QB) came into the game to replace Russell Wilson and passed to Davante Adams (Packers WR) for the lead. After catching the pass, Adams “dunked” on the goal posts as a sign of respect to the aforementioned Kobe Bryant. More surprises came as the PAT attempt was blocked. Even though the NFC had the lead, the AFC quickly regained it thanks in part to Ryan Tannehill (Tennessee QB subbing in for Watson) and D.J. Chark (Jacksonville WR). Both combined for a 60 yard TD bomb. The extra point by Tucker was not blocked, regaining the lead for the AFC. The NFC tried to run a trick play where Cousins tossed the ball to Ezekiel Elliot (Dallas RB), who tried to pass it to one of the receivers downfield; it was unfortunately picked off by Joe Haden (Pittsburgh CB). The NFC roared back by picking off Tannehill and ending the third quarter there.

Fourth Quarter (33-38)

With the NFC in possession of the ball, all they had to do was score another touchdown then run the clock out. This wouldn’t pan out. As the NFC offense were in the red zone, Cousins gets sacked by Calais Campbell (Jacksonville DT) while subsequently losing the ball. It was recovered and returned for a touchdown by T.J. Watt (J.J. Watt’s younger brother and Pittsburgh’s LB). The NFC scored a touchdown in response (another Cousins to Adams connection), but it was too little too late by then. The AFC won the Pro Bowl for the fourth straight year. Possible NFL MVP winner Lamar Jackson won the Offensive MVP of the Game Award, while Calais Campbell won the Defensive MVP of the Game Award.

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