Rockets beat the defending champs in Toronto

The Houston Rockets beat the defending Finals champions Toronto Raptors 119-109


New player Ben McLemore scored 28 points; he made 8 3-point shots.

Alexander Thomas, Staff Writer

After experiencing a tough loss to their rivals the San Antonio Spurs, the Houston Rockets were able to defeat the Toronto Raptors in Toronto. This was a convincing victory and should restore confidence in the team after losing 3 games on the road. Houston is now 14-7 (putting them in 5th in the Western Conference). The Rockets were able to put up 22 made 3-pointers against the Raptors, even though there were a few times Toronto came back to tie things up. Drake was in attendance, though was not as livid on the sideline in previous games. The Rockets also handed the Raptors their second home loss of the season.