A Boring Game ends with a BANG!!!

Yesterday’s game between the Cleveland Browns and the Pittsburgh Steelers was a hard-fought battle. However, the Browns came out on top 21-7 at the final whistle.


Baker Mayfield scores a hat-trick (2 Passing TDs along with 1 Rushing TD) to cement the Browns second win in a row.

Alexander Thomas, Staff Writer

I remember covering the Thursday Night Football game between the Minnesota Vikings and the Washington Redskins. That game was your typical TNF game: hard-nosed defense, low-scoring and boring to watch. Last night’s game was 10x, except for a brawl in the dying seconds of the game. Let me explain…

First Quarter

Pittsburgh elected to receive the kickoff, starting their drive on their own 22 yard line. The Steelers offense couldn’t do anything to on the opening drive, so they punt the ball to Cleveland. The Browns chugged along soundly. Baker Mayfield (QB, CLE) threw a 20 yard pass to former KC Chief Kareem Hunt (RB, CLE) that moved the offense to Pittsburgh’s 43 yard line. Mayfield threw an even better pass to recent acquisiton Odell Beckham Jr. (WR, CLE) that went for 43 yards (it was originally ruled a touchdown but was then reversed when the replay showed OBJ’s knee touched the 1 yard line as he was tackled). The Browns were able to score from the 1 yard line thanks to a Baker Mayfield QB sneak. Austin Seibert (K, CLE) then kicked the extra point, prompting the first score 7-0. Pittsburgh could have scored a respondent field goal had it not been for a bad hold (the ball was shanked wide left).

Second Quarter

Cleveland got the ball and continuing churning out big time plays. Mayfield thew a 41 yard pass to KhaDarel Hodge (WR, CLE); it could have been more had the runner not slipped and fell. This brought the Dawg Pound to the Steeler’s 36 yard line. Baker Mayfield aired out another great pass to Jarvis Landry (WR, CLE) that went for 25 yards; this brought the 9 yard line. Mayfield threw his first touchdown pass to Landry (there was a defensive penalty, but was declined due to the score). The extra point was good, giving the Browns a 14-0 lead. Pittsburgh again couldn’t get their offense going, eventually turning into an interception by the Brown’s defense. Turned out that the Brown’s also had issues kicking field goals (kick when wide right). Final score at the half stayed 14-0.

Third Quarter

Cleveland received the second half kickoff, but couldn’t get anything going leading to them punting the ball back to the Steelers. The offense for Pittsburgh was really lagging because Mason Rudolph (QB, PIT) threw his second pick of the night. If the pick translated to any point on the board, the game would have been over. But again, Cleveland’s offense couldn’t do anything against the defense before them. The Steelers offense finally clicked when Rudolph pass to James Washignton (WR, PIT) for a 22 yard gain. A defensive penalty was called on the play because of hands to the face, but this was declined. They kept marching down the field, culminating in the only points scored for the Pittsburgh Steelers. The touchdown was a 3 yard pass from Rudolph to Jaylen Samuels (RB, PIT). The extra point from Chris Boswell (K, PIT) also was good, putting the score 14-7. The Browns could’ve had a chance to respond with a field goal, had it not been for the kicker Seibert. His kick went wide right again.

Fourth Quarter

The fourth quarter was the most boring part, except for the end. Both teams weren’t doing good on offense, with Pittsburgh capping it off with another picked off pass from Mason Rudolph. With the pick, the Browns offense scored another touchdown; this was Baker Mayfield’s second passing touchdown (thus sealing his hat-trick for the night). The extra point again was kicked true, resulting in the score 21-7. The game was won for Cleveland til a fight broke out in the final minutes. Mason Rudolph threw a routine-complete pass, but was hit after the completion. Rudolph was tussling with one of the d-linemen (Myles Garrett-DE, CLE) when Garrett removed his helmet and hit Rudolph right on the head with it. This led to a further melee between the Steeler’s center and Garrett along with various members from both teams trying to break up the fight. Overall, two of the Browns players and the Steeler’s center were ejected (Garrett is suspended without pay for the rest of the year, while the other two guys are suspended for a combined 4 games and must pay fines). After the chaos, the game finally ended with a Browns home victory against their rivals 21-7.

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Key Milestones…

Jarvis Landry has 2+ receptions in 89 consecutive games. This is the longest active streak among players on active rosters.

Mason Rudolph has 1+ passing touchdown in each of his 8 career games, the most games by a Pittsburgh quarterback to start a career.

Nick Chubb (RB, CLE) has 20+ carries in 5 consecutive games. This is the longest active streak in the NFL.

Baker Mayfield had 20+ fantasy points in a game for the first time this season. He did it 5 times last season.

Notable Fantasy Stats

Baker Mayfield (QB, CLE) – 21.82 points (193 Passing Yards with 2 Passing TDS + 1 Rushing Yard with 1 Rushing TD [hat-trick])

Jaylen Samuels (RB, PIT) – 15.5 points (26 Rushing Yards + 5 Receptions for 19 Yards and 1 Receiving TD)

Kareem Hunt (RB, CLE) – 11.8 points (12 Rushing Yards + 6 Receptions for 46 Yards)

Jarvis Landry (WR, CLE) – 14.3 points (4 Receptions for 43 Yards and 1 Receiving TD)

Odell Beckham (WR, CLE) – 10 points (4 Receptions for 60 Yards)

Browns Defense – 16 points (4 sacks + 4 Interceptions + Only 7 Points Allowed)