Interior Design program a hidden gem on campus


Mariah Hernandez/The Egalitarian

Houston Community College students can work toward a bachelor’s degree in interior design at Stephen F. Austin State University while attending HCC.

Mariah Hernandez, Staff Writer

HCC has many hidden gems on every campus. One of those is the Interior Design program. While stumbling along the halls of the Fine Arts building at the Central campus, one can the main concentration of the Interior Design program up on the third floor.

While stumbling along that hall is clear, organized information about the program and how one can go about earning their offering of certificates, competency-based training and associate degree programs at the cost of affordable tuition.

There is even more info about how to transition and to earn a bachelor’s degree from the comfort and convenience of online and in person classes from the same HCC Central campus.

As Houston is known as the epicenter of economic growth in Texas, when the economy grows so will the population of Houston. As people relocate to the inner cities and surrounding areas there will be a large growth in opportunities for interior design for all the residential and commercial spaces that will need to be designed by skilled professionals that HCC’s interior design program can teach. The program promises to provide training that will follow relevant industry skills and standards such as rendering software and computer-based graphic skills.

HCC teamed up with Stephen F. Austin State University to offer a clear path of earning a bachelors as one would earn at university, but with the same affordability as any other classes at HCC. The classes have experienced instructors that have industry experience and the classes are of small sizes so there is great one on one instruction. The program is equipped with the latest in industry technology and software.

Upon walking the halls one can find an array of resources about the Interior Design program. There are detailed and clear outlines of how to completely register for HCC and how to begin enrolling for classes. There is a clear description of what the HCC’s Interior Design Program entails and where to begin after one completes their enrollment paperwork and what to do if there is already prior credit earned from other academies of academics. Then the packet clearly states how classes will be offered. Once one has their proper paperwork, they can begin registering for courses for the in the program.

Classes are scheduled every fall and spring semesters. If worry arises at this point, fear not because the Interior Design program will schedule additional classes outside of the above schedule as often to meet demand. Additionally stated, there will also be summer offerings of the classes that are subject to change from year to year. One can start any beginning classes in the interior design department during any semester. Once one has met the prerequisites, which is ENGL 1301 and a math/science elective, they may begin their interior design classes.

The program offers reliable and accessible resources such as job postings or listings, clear and detailed information on how to continue onto the Bachelor’s degree program with Stephen F. Austin State. To learn more about this amazing opportunity, you can visit or