Khawi Leonard helps Raptors take down Golden State Warriors


Jamal Brice, Staff Writer

The Toronto Raptors have become champions and defeated The Golden State Warriors who would have won three consecutive years. Coming from a team that was rebuilding and starting with a new star line up. The MVP who was traded and sat out pretty much most of his last season came and proved his hard work. Kawhi Leonard helped the team get their first championship in franchise history. Ending the series at Game 6 while everyone was expecting this series to force a Game 7. The Raptors have shocked the whole world by beating the Golden State Warriors at their home arena. 

According to ESPN after the game “This is what I play for, ” Leonard said. “This is what I work for.”

We most definitely witnessed Leonard’s hard work and dedication to the game. He was named the first to win NBA Finals MVP in both conferences and going into history with other players like James and so on.

The Toronto team joined the NBA in 1995 and now have finally have a championship next to their names. 

 Khawi Leonard was first drafted by the Indiana Pacers and then later traded to San Antonio Spurs. He played for the Spurs for seven seasons and would eventually win a championship at the age of 22 in 2014. He later requested a trade in 2018 where he would lead the Raptors to a ring with his first year of being there.  

 With his outstanding defense he was given the nickname “The Klaw”. He was named the NBA defensive player of the year 2015 and 2016. With his contract being up after this season the question is where Leonard will sign. After such a successful year with the Raptors everyone thinks he will stay where he is. But the offseason will be quite interesting with all the free agency