“The Expanding Universe of Ashley Garcia” & Latin representation on Netflix



Mariah Hernandez, Staff Writer

I am glad Netflix and Disney began to engage in adding a Latin representation in their selections of content. I feel that as a young woman who has grown up in a large city in America, that there was not a lot of Latin representation regarding shows with strong female lead characters. As I become a maturing adult, I see more shows having strong Latin leading characters or female leads. I say this with acknowledging I am very selective of my choices of content and interest. I do not watch telenovelas or much stereotypical Latin TV. I am a fourth generation American born Hispanic female who barely has passable and limited spoken Spanish. I can speak, write, and understand Spanish, but to a limited extent. I am not the typical darker toned, brown haired and brown eyed female that is associated and stereotyped image with Latin females. I have a very light complexion, have lighter hair, and hazel colored eyes because that is what I got in the lottery of genes. I grew up wishing that I did have darker skin tones, eyes, and hair to blend in better with the girls in my class because they made fun of me for not knowing much Spanish and that I looked Caucasian to them.

When I read a recent press release from Netflix’s media center about a show being developed consisting of sixteen episodes of a girl named Ashley Garcia who is a fifteen and a half year old robotics engineer and rocket scientist who gets the chance to work for NASA (which is here in Houston by the way) I was more than ecstatic to say the least. I am an adult now, of legal drinking age, but I can still appreciate cartoons and PG 13 shows that are produced on kid-oriented networks like Cartoon Network, Disney Channel, and Nickelodeon as easily as I can when I watch PG rated movies. I love shows that give good wholesome vibes and stimulation that I feel is healthy for young and impressionable minds who will grow up exposed to it. It is titled The Expanding Universe of Ashley Garcia, and I am excited to review it sometime soon in a follow up article once it is released and I get a chance to really experience what Mario Lopez and Seth Kurland have created for the current generations who will find this in their Netflix suggestion listings.