Advantages of playing a college sport at HCC

Jamal Brice, Staff Writer

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So many people give up on their dreams of playing college sports for various reasons. Houston Community College has been working hard to satisfy student worldwide who can’t afford to go play sports at a University. Since 2005 HCC has been providing sports for Men and Women all across their campuses. HCC has four different categories of sports and if you are just wanting to play for recreational reasoning, they also offer them at their campuses.  

Since 2005 HCC has been able to create different leagues that gives you the ability to travel and play various team. Also, they are able to compete in different tournaments that are outside of Houston and the ability to compete with other HCC campuses. According to HCC students are required to have a minimum 2.0 to participate in the sport programs and also be enrolled into one class, one advantage for everyone who wants to get recognized in sports. 

HCC gives you the ability to focus on that sport if you are attending to get notice and possibly get a scholarship to a major university. Universities such as U of H requires you to have the minimum 12 credit hours enrolled before even trying out. HCC gives you more of a chance to focus on that particular sport if that’s what you are going after.  

HCC has won over 65 championships since 2005 and still counting every semester. They recently have won three championships in 2018 which includes Women’s basketball regional, 2018 Baseball conference and 2018 Volleyball league championship.  

By going to you can see different break down of the campuses who offers the sport that you desire. HCC also lets you know the schedule of which you would play and different media platforms which you can see highlights of previous years.