Apple’s iOS 13 promises to be “the best update” ever


Jamal Brice, Staff Writer


Apple has created the best update in their opinion and has great anticipation following this update.

We all know Apple as the top performing phones every year. With many improvements from the previous phone. Apple seems to only get better each year with more technology. The newest update that is set to drop in the fall with no specific date at this time.

The update is called iOS 13 and Apple constant reminder that it is a whole new look for your phone. These different statements from the company has people writing articles after articles trying to figure what exactly does this new look consist of.

When Apple finally gave a description of the feature it includes a dark theme mode and is labeled as a new dramatic look. A new map feature that displays a 3D experience and let you explore around cities with a 360-degree angle. With their previous update they were limited to the amount of memoji and now with the new one you can expect to see more advance customization.

Apple stretches how they stand behind security and privacy of your information and with this update tit will be no different. The list goes on and on about how this update will change how we view the Apple product. According to articles such as The New York Times stated that this new update will completely change your smart phone. Would this new update make a lot of android users transfer over to Apple phones? With all this hype around this new update seems like it will change how we view phones and their futuristic features.

Since 2007 Apple released their first iPhone in the US and now here in 2019 with the most anticipating products. All of Apple iPhone platforms starting with the iPhone 6S and up will be available to get this anticipated update.