Chinedu brings the laughs at Humble


Comedian Chinedu Ogu entertains the audience at the Rising Sun Sushi & Fusion Resuatrant in Humble

Ana Gonzalez, Culture Editor

You may have come across one of his videos on Facebook, and you probably have seen him on KHOU 11 a few times. Chinedu Ogu is touring all over the Houston area, making thousands of people laugh with his hometown comedy.

The November 10 comedy show was held at the Rising Sun Sushi & Fusion Restaurant in Humble. It was a sold-out crowd, and Ogu could not be any happier.

Born and raised in Houston, Ogu knew every single acre of the city; from growing up in southeast Houston where he was influenced by the Hispanic culture, to spending his summers in the northwest side, southwest side, and Missouri City with his father, who is the source of most of his jokes for the night.

Justin Thomas, Ogu’s traveling comedian buddy, opened the night.

The purpose of hosting Ogu’s shows was for the audience to get to know him a little more, outside of his Facebook and YouTube videos.

“If you have family coming from other parts of the country than the United States, education is extremely important to them, and they expect you to achieve as much as they did.” He said during his comedy show.

Being full-blooded Nigerian, Ogu showed his audience how it felt like to grow up with a Nigerian father, who was strict and boasted about getting an education. He graduated from the University of Houston with a degree in Business, but his father wasn’t too impressed.

“My father would do a toast [for me] to congratulate me, but he always ask me this question: “where is your master’s [degree]?” he said.

At the end of the night, he recorded a 30-second video of himself with the whole audience, saying that he was stoked to have a sold-out crowd. He also thanked the owner of the restaurant for allowing him to do his show, although the only thing he was missing was a stage.

His appreciation for his fans was shown after the show, as he agreed to take a picture with each of his fans who were exiting the event, thanking them for showing up.

Ogu’s video that highlights the best in Houston, called “I’m from Houston, Where…”, which generated at least 1 million views. Today, he has generated over 1 million views with each video released two to three times a week. Currently, he is doing videos on YouTube, as well as doing postgame commetary for the Houston Texans, Houston Astros, and the Houston Rockets.

Chinedu’s next shows will be in Katy, TX at the Courtyard by Marriot in Katy Mills, where he will be doing two shows (one is sold out). Next, he will be in Lake Jackson (also sold out), and up north in Killeen. He started touring in January of 2017 touring outside Texas, starting in Los Angeles and New Orleans.

He confirmed during the show that he will start touring outside Texas starting next year.

Follow him on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram, and you can catch him Monday mornings on KHOU 11’s #HTownRush and Sunday nights for Texans review.