Startups shine bright in SXSW Trade Show

Ana Gonzalez, Editor-in-Chief

One of the highlights that SXSW had to offer was the Startup Pavillion, featured at the Trade Show.

Each Startup had a story to tell, from how they came up with their invention or product, to promoting their company altogether. Some are currently in beta mode, or work in progress, while others are already available to the public. From tech gadgets that may change the face of VR gaming, to buying beer from a vending machine, to brand new health innovations that may make physical therapy much easier than before.


BeBop Sensors started off four years ago in California. Having started as simply a VR/AR simulator, the developers then realized that these “sensor gloves”, activated using sensor subsystems and blockchain, can be beneficial to the medical and technology fields. The company spokeperson says that the sensors will be compatible to current and future VR games on Steam. They look forward to have the product on sale within later this year.

Orig3n is a genetic testing kit that works differently compared to other DNA testing kits such as 23andme and Ancestry. Orig3n tests your DNA on a variety of different levels. Need to know what your perfect workout is all about? What about your ideal wellness plan? Maybe your behavior? There is a DNA kit just for that. You use a cotton swab to gather a sample of your DNA, and you should get your results within two to four weeks, two weeks less than the leading DNA test.

Lovot, the cute and cuddly puppy-like robot that made its debut at CES this year also shined bright at the SXSW Trade Show. The robot works differently like other standard robots that obey your commands whenever you say it. Lovot actually begs for your attention. Basically, like Amazon’s Alexa, with an actual robot body. You need a hug after a long day of work? Lovot will give it to you. Want Lovot to do a trick, it’ll do so. You don’t need to give it treats. This robot works great with kids, but for adults? Of course.

Want to try sushi but cannot due to food allergies? Sushi Singularity is there to rescue you! They are a startup sushi company that makes customized sushi based on your likes, dislikes, and food allergies. Customers take an online survey as part of their reservation. For example, if you have a shellfish allergy, the chefs will make aware of it, and will use a food printer to create a non-shellfish-made sushi just for you. Their first restaurant is set to make a trial run in Tokyo in the year 2020, with plans to expand outside Japan later on in the decade.