Memorial Park: a beautiful Spring destination to volunteer

Virginia Grant, Culture Editor

It is Spring! Now is the time to get out, breathe the air, enjoy the flowers, revel in the delights of the season and just plain frolic. On of the best places to do this in Houston is Memorial Park. Located within the 610 Loop and bordered by Buffalo Bayou the park stretches out over almost fifteen hundred acres. That provides a lot of room for activities and relaxation. The park boasts open spaces, simple natural settings, recreation, amenities and education. At this time of year, in cultivated plantings, container gardens and wildflower preserves spring is blossoming.

Everyone can find something to do at Memorial Park. The list includes, croquet, cycling, skating, golf, indoor fitness, swimming mountain biking, picnics and playgrounds. Then there is Axis Earth, Google Trekker, iNaturalist, Map My Run, Project Noah, Leaf Snap, iTrack Wildlife and eBird. You can wander the light dappled wooded trails enjoying bird songs and wildflowers, or you can just lay back in the sweet grass and bask in the sunshine.

The Conservancy offers classes and event for all ages. Teachers will help you build a container garden, identify birds by their songs, harvest and prepare wild foods, and use technology to enhance the wildlife experience. There are social events and yoga in the park. Some events are free, most classes have reduced fees for members, and some are free for volunteers. There is no charge or varying, but usually small, fees for the use of the facilities; the daily use fee for the indoor fitness center is $2.04. Groups are welcome but must apply for a permit to use the facilities. Social running clubs need no permit, but everyone is invited to join the mailing list.

Volunteers are celebrated and there are so many opportunities that they have created a calendar on the website to keep you informed. There is volunteer information at the website, inquiries can be directed to, or you can call 713-863-8403 x3. The wide range of volunteer opportunities gives everyone a chance to contribute and also is a valuable add for students looking to build their resumes. From a delightful afternoon to a career building opportunity, Memorial Park has a lot to offer.