The Beautiful Struggle: Roxanne Thompson


Jimmieka Mills

Photo Credit: Jimmieka Mills “My mother was on crack, I could have made the choice to become a drug abuser as well, but I realized early on that life was about choices and I decided to make the best ones I could in order to become successful.” Roxanne Thompson President of HCC’s Student Government Association.

Jimmieka Mills, Editor in Chief

When Student Government Association President Roxanne Thompson enrolled at Houston Community College in 2015, she wanted to connect with other students but quickly found that was going to be a challenge. “As a non-traditional student on campus I noticed there wasn’t a way for me to network and start making connections with other students.”

Roxanne is a double major planning on receiving both her Image Consultant Certificate and Fashion Merchandising Degree in Fall 2019.

“Fashion and beauty have always been a part of my life. I did pageants and modeling with talent agencies when I was a kid, then I went into modeling as a teen and young adult.”

She grew up in the north-side community of Acres Homes in an environment that wasn’t always ideal but she used her experiences to motivate her to succeed.

“My mother was on crack, I could have made the choice to become a drug abuser as well, but I realized early on that life was about choices and I decided to make the best ones I could in order to become successful.”

That first choice for her was to focus on her education. She was accepted into Blinn College straight out of high school and decided to major in Psychology.

“I was 20 and going to Blinn when I got pregnant with my son.  I made the decision to leave school and become a mom, that’s what was more important.”

Roxanne would eventually find a career in the oil industry but always had her real passion in the back of her mind.

“I always dreamed about owning my own image consulting firm and boutique. I would see myself doing wardrobe styling for celebrities, and having my own evening gown clothing line.”

Enrolling at HCC would help Roxanne toward fulfilling that dream. As for her other goal of becoming more involved with students on campus Roxanne says that all changed when she was accepted into the National Society for Leadership and Success.

“While I was going through the steps to induction I met great like-minded individuals and that’s when I realized that this is where I needed to be. I found out about student organizations that I could get involved with, make friends, meet people and network.”

One of those student organizations was the Student Government Association. Roxanne was introduced to SGA by Mona Colter-Mosley who at the time was the President of the student organization.

“Mona told me this would be her last semester as president. She was graduating and her two-year term would be complete.”  The only requirement Roxanne knew of was leadership ability of which she knew undoubtedly she possessed “I’m all about developing new skill sets and I knew that I had leadership ability within me so I figured why not apply.”

Since becoming SGA president Roxanne has continued to look for other ways to get involved in other student organizations throughout HCC.

“Once I got involved, immediately the first day that I went to my orientation I met Nelva the president of NSLS at that time and she told about the vacancies on the executive board. I ended up becoming the community chair-person for the spring semester and got to plan community service projects in the area for society members. I have a new position this semester, I am the social events chair-person. I plan all activities within the honor society such as SNT’s, Speaker broadcasts, leadership training, orientation as well as outside events, like family fun day or bowling nights.”

Roxanne considers her decision to become involved in student organizations to be one of the best one’s she has made since deciding to return to school to follow her true passion

“When I started getting involved everything started to fall into place for me, because I was in a space surrounded by other leaders, who are like-minded and share a common goal.”

Roxanne was recently accepted into the National Society of Collegiate Scholars adding yet another organization to become active in during her time at HCC. She wants all students to know that they all possess the same ability to impact their experience in a positive way as well.

“No matter how much people may underestimate or judge you, whether you had a support system or not to help you get enrolled in college or mention getting involved in a student organization, make your decision solely based on your own life. We are all responsible for what we choose to do with our life. It’s not about doing what other people tell us to do and your history and past do not define who you are and who you can be. No matter what people say about you, or what you’ve been through— You can positively change your life at any point, you’ve just got to make that decision.”