DABANG Radio to Discuss Scholarships and Much More


Egalitarian Staff Report, Staff Writer

HCC International Business Commerce major Jan Taylor of Revitalize Communities has landed an international platform as the executive partner and co-host many of the LIVE radio broadcast  shows on the local international channel,  Radio DABANG,  FM 105.3 partnering with Leena Shah (Host of show and Lead Radio Jock 3p -7p).

“The owner Moid (Mike) Khan and I line up with the same vision and mission for this media platform, which is to brand the station as the Community Station For The People. The premise of the LIVE shows (The Bridge  ) is to create constructive, meaningful dialogue that decreases the gap between the diverse communities of Houston,  while promoting positive  change that ignites EMPOWERMENT and REVITALIZATION  of our city, our state, our nation, and our world through music and knowledge.” Says Taylor.

The show airs every Wed and Thursday

Noon -1:00p. Cst

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Topic of discussion:

Scholarships and college studies opportunities; HCC Dean Jimmy Adams (Alief campus) will be live on air discussing the Film studies offered, as well as give tips on how to apply for available scholarships and the benefits that media partnerships with HCC have on the students as well as the institution as a whole.

There will be other panelists, as Dr. Kashan and Mrs. Yasmeen Amjad both(Educators & STEM program advocates) to share information regarding  the advantages of Youth STEM programs as they relate to college preparation.