The Beautiful Struggle: Graduation Edition


HCC will have two ceremonies on Saturday May 13: morning (9 a.m.) and afternoon (1 p.m.). HCC will livestream the ceremony beginning at 9 a.m.

Jimmieka Mills, Editor in Chief

As this semester comes to a close and graduation is right at the door let us celebrate those who have made it through and struggled beautifully through the chaos of higher education.

Before enrolling at HCC, Tony “Guitar” Copeland taught himself to play guitar, was a helicopter repairman in the United States military, and travelled the world with major musicians. After the urging of his manager, Tony came to HCC to pursue his degree in musical engineering. Although the degree will surely advance his career, Tony believes he will take away something much more meaningful.

“HCC has made a tremendous impact on my life physically, emotionally and mentally because I can see the growth that I’ve made by being a Veteran as well as a student,” says Tony.

Tony has been known around campus to take aspiring musicians and veterans under his wing and he hopes to leave a spirit of encouragement as he prepares to graduate and encounters his next journey in life.

“I’d like to be remembered at HCC as the person who had a dream, realized that time had changed in his field of study, went back to school to successfully update his skills and went on to help others to do the same.”

Mona Colter-Mosley who will be graduating alongside her husband of six years which is bound to be a memorable experience for her family as her son is also an HCC student. Mona has held many titles since becoming a student at HCC from the Student Government President for Central and South campus, Treasurer for the United Student Council, and Special Events chair for the National Society for Leadership and Success but she says she would most like to be remembered as, “The little caboose who said and I quote ‘I think I can I think I can’ … and she did!”

When asked, what she would remember most about her time at HCC Mona said, “Student services Dr. Sneed for the fire that she puts under students to keep it moving in life and reach for the skies in life. Also, serving the students and faculty at the special events provided throughout the years.”

Both Tony and Mona returned to college after already having experienced career’s, success as well as set-backs but both take away tools that they feel will help them beyond HCC.

“My experiences here at HCC have encouraged me to further my education,” says Mona, “I enrolled in Intercontinental University on line this past January and will graduate with a bachelor in Business Administration with a specialty in Management in August 2018.”

“I feel that being a student at HCC will serve as an excellent platform from which to start the rest of my life to achieve true greatness while giving back by helping others,” says Tony.

Tony hopes that his success will be a source of encouragement for others.

“I feel excited about my accomplishments. Hopefully I will inspire others like me who desire to increase their knowledge to pursue their dreams and aspirations.

Considering all of her accomplishments you would assume it would take some time for her to decide which she is most proud of but for Mona the answer was simple, “I am most proud that I hung in there and didn’t give up!”

Tony says, “I will remember how excited I felt about actually making the Dean’s list and actually winning the MESA talent contest being voted in by celebrity judges: Matthew Knowles, Barry Coffin (Springboard South Founder), Cora Dunham (Former “Prince” drummer and current drummer for Beyonce) and a rep. from Rap-A-Lot Records,” but Tony adds, “Considering all of my few accomplishments at HCC, I’d say I’m most proud of completing my studies and graduating.”

Although Mona’s impact will always be felt on her campus and within the organizations she touched with her giving spirit she says she too has been impacted by being a member of the HCC community.

“HCC has had a major impact on my life,” says Mona. “My entire life has changed for the better because of it. Higher education has broadened my complete thought pattern and strengthen me and raised my level of thinking to a new plateau.”

The HCC Egalitarian would like to thank all of the students who have contributed to The Beautiful Struggle this semester. We thank you for your vulnerability as well as your strength.

Are you interested in sharing your Beautiful Struggle with us? Are you a friend, family, faculty or staff member who knows a student who’s experiencing their own Beautiful Struggle? Please contact Jimmieka Mills at [email protected]