The Beautiful Struggle: Mona Mosley

Mona Mosley at her Houston Community College Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society induction ceremony.

Mona Mosley at her Houston Community College Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society induction ceremony.

Jimmieka Mills, Editor in Chief

Reading through the titles and positions Mona Mosley holds will make even the greatest over achievers feel like slackers.

“I am the Student Government President for Central and South campus’, Treasurer for the United Student Council, and Special Events chair for the National Society for Leadership and Success.”

The Business Administration Major and ordained minister is enrolled not just in HCC but also at AIU in order to pursue her Administration degree.

Mosley admits, “I feel flat lined sometimes.”

Mosley’s journey through higher education spans over 20 years.

“I started out in the 80s at TSU. I ended up getting married and having kids and starting a family. I kept going back and forth between TSU and HCC and I decided when I went back to school this time, two years ago, I was going to stay to finish.”

After experiencing a divorce, Mona was forced to rebuild her life, eventually remarrying and gaining not just a spouse but an inspiration to pursue her educational goals and this time, complete them.

“My husband was the one who gave me a jolt. He was pursuing a medical degree and had taken classes at a 9month trade school and then signed up for HCC. I saw him and was motivated. A little over two years ago we enrolled together and we will be walking the stage together.”

This is not the only time the pair has tackled education together. Three years ago they both became ordained ministers.

The family connection does not end with Mona and her husband, the couple’s son also attends HCC and is active within campus organizations.

Mosley was a director at the Boys and Girls club of Greater Houston for 14 years before deciding to go back to school and cites that experience as one that motivated her to consider following her own dreams.

“I wanted to make myself better for the kids that I have helped to be better. They have graduated and gone on to live better lives, now I want to be what I’ve pushed them to be.”

Although Mosley’s list of duties are extremely long, her family continues to appreciate and support her sacrifice.

“She always puts others first,” said Andre Mosley, Mona’s husband.

Those sacrifices though do not go without heavy planning.

“I literally have to make my day up and see what’s going to happen in a day. I have to organize and say ‘ok today I’m going to deal with this, this and this. Tomorrow I can’t do this’. Some days I can’t have anything on the schedule so that I can be ready to run for the week. I do a lot of juggling.”

This is not to say that Mona doesn’t still get overwhelmed, she has just found a method for the madness which came after she had her own epiphany about life and the way we approach its challenges.

“I realized that the only way you can really make things better for yourself and to stop thinking negative thoughts is to put positive thoughts there and that’s when I decided I was going to consume myself with learning and doing better.”

As well as the support from her family, Mona also has a support system of friends, two in particular, which she credits for keeping her going through her toughest times.

“Jarma Tarver and Thelma Williams are both my cheerleaders! If it wasn’t for those ladies I think I may have literally lost my mind. You’ve got to have some grounded people in your life to keep you grounded once you go through struggles.”

Mosley has gained much more than an education since enrolling at HCC, she has also gained perspective.

“Joining HCC has bridged that issue of wondering what I was going to do with my life. It has really helped me.”

Mona’s departure from HCC will be bittersweet for her son who has experienced his first year of college with his mother right by his side.

“I find it to be an honor to go to school with my mom,” Says Mona’s son, Jeremy Bates. “She has helped me through my first year at HCC and I wish she could stay here with me but she deserves to fly and I want her to do just that.”

In May,Mona and her husband will celebrate not just their graduation from HCC but their six-year wedding anniversary.