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The Accountant

The Accountant

Erik Calderon, Staff Writer

Why the two hit men decided not to kill Christopher Wolf (Ben Affleck) at his home, is a questions I was not able to figure out. But they did stake him out there, then followed him to a neighboring ranch where he goes to shoot, in order to take him out.   As Chris was painting faces on his melons that he would bull’s eye from 1 mile with his sniper rifle, the two gunmen took Chris’s clients hostage. Threatening to kill the wife, one of the gunmen forced her to door to call for Chris. Both of them thought it was going to be an easy kill.   The wife steps out of the house and as she’s calling for Chris a sniper bullet flies through the door taking out the first gunman; a direct headshot and instant death. One more to go and he is know panicking, knowing that he doesn’t have much longer to live. He grabs both the husband and wife and tells them that they’re going with him, so that he can use them as human shields. Before taking a step out of the car, Chris uses his high powered sniper rifle to blow a hole in the getaway car. Know, panicking more than ever, the 2nd gunman decides to force the husband to grab his car and use it as a getaway vehicle. Not a very smart move, since we saw what happened to the first car. They manage to make it into the car, and Chris once again, blows a hole in the engine, but this time he drops his gun and runs for the car. He needs answers. He needs to know who’s after him and he needs to know why.


The Accountant, rated R, directed by Gavin O’Connor, staring Ben Affleck, Anna Kendrick, J.K. Simmons, Jon Bernthal and Jeffery Tambor is about a boy, suffering from Autism trying to find his path in life. Because of his high functioning ability, after losing his father, he becomes a number cruncher and accountant for the biggest and badest crime lords in the world. The film runs 128 minutes and is now out on DVD to own and rent.


Christopher Wolf, an autistic child with a dad in the Army, grows up, “The Hard Way.” With a military dad believing his son needs to confront his weakness and know his limits, Chris became one of the most lethal people in the world. After his mom passes away, Chris and his dad go to the wake even though they’re not welcome there. Chris’s mother left them because she couldn’t deal with how his dad was raising him, but Chris wanted to say good bye. At the wake they are asked to leave, and Chris losses it. He starts fighting off the men that are escorting him out. One of the police officers pulls out his gun and Chris’ dad jumps in front of the line of fire. Chris is escorted to prison and thus starts the true story of The Accountant. His cell mate is a high profile mobster accountant that teaches him all the tricks of the trade.


I missed this film when it came out in the theaters, so the day it came out at redbox, I rented it. I liked it so much, I watched it twice in a row. I highly recommend watching it twice. It has some amazing plot twists that will really change your perspective of the film on the second viewing. The character development is amazing, and the story of Christopher Wolf will really capture your attention. It’s not like any film I’ve seen yet. This is one film I plan on buying and watching again.

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