HCC Baseball takes flight


John Cañamar

The HCC Baseball team is gearing up for the Spring Season.

John Cañamar, Sport Editor

Rising temperatures and longer days mean that spring—and baseball—are just around the corner.

In fact, at Houston Community College baseball season is on the verge of blooming.

On Saturday Feb. 13, the Eagles faced the UH-Downtown Gators, as well as the UH-Main Cougars club teams, in a pair of scrimmages to end the warm-up portion of their season.

If Saturday was any indication of what this season has in store for the team, the players and their fans are in for a fun ride.

The team was outfitted in white pants, black jerseys embroidered with a golden eagle in mid-flight on the front left breast panel and golden rod numbers on the back, topped off with black ball caps with the same golden eagle center above the brim.

Seeing the team in a professional style uniform was nice, but their play was much more impressive.

All the players were in sync with each other and were hitting a nice stride to enter the regular season.

Baseball team looking on and supporting their teammate at the plate.

courtesy of HCC-Photos
Baseball team looking on and supporting their teammate at the plate.

Most promising play was from brothers Juan and Christian Guerrero.

In the first scrimmage, Juan not only pitched with great control and movement, but was also the spark-plug on offense driving the ball to all fields.

Christian was behind the plate where he coordinated his defense into the proper positioning in a 2-6-3-4-3 run down against the Gators.

“The feeling is amazing being able to catch my brother and just help each other improve,” said Christian as a smile filled his face.

In the second scrimmage, Christian took the hill where he showed great control of the curve which he had breaking from up high and left to far low and right.

This season will be the first time the Guerrero’s will play on the same team since early in their little league careers, where Christian moved up in age group to complete an All Star team, in which they made it all the way to the state finals.

Head Coach Tom Burke, along with Assistant Coaches Nick Strong and Raul Mata, are shaping this group of young men into a well-performing team.

The season opener will be this Saturday in Seguin, Texas, versus the Texas State Bobcats at the fairground fields at noon.