Medical student aids classmate

Alyssa Foley, Editor in Chief

On Thursday morning, Houston Community College student Shakila Enamuddin rendered aid to one of her fellow students at the HCC Central library.

“I was just reviewing for my exam,” Enamuddin said, “and I saw the girl—she was walking really weakly…”

Enamuddin said she knew that something was wrong, so she began watching the student closely. The student started vomiting and seemed to almost faint, but did not fall unconscious.

Enamuddin made the student lie down, told her to breathe, checked her vitals and had her drink water. She asked the librarians to call 911.

Enamuddin calmed and reassured the student that, “You will be fine.” Before long, the student started feeling better. The paramedics soon arrived, along with a member of the patient’s family who took her to receive care.

Enamuddin hopes to be a medical doctor. She is taking a prerequisite course at HCC Central and wants to transfer to Houston Baptist University next semester before attending medical school.