Artistic Growth: Taz Da Realist


Image coutesy of Taz Da Realist

Houston’s own Kela Johnson, also known by her performing name, Taz Da Realist, just released her lasted EP titled ‘Murk Season’ with the tracts ‘Riot’ and ‘All Day.’

Jessica Alexander, Contributor

“Some say I changed. I just drew a bigger line.” – Taz (Headline Remix)

There are many kinds of people, artists and music genres. Everyday, we try to discover something or someone new, especially when it comes to music. For a new vibe, look no further then Taz Da Realist.

She is known as Kela Johnson, a Houston native, but to those in the LGBT community, she’s Taz Da Realist.

Regarding her artist name, she says, “Of course I enjoy the [Taz] character from Looney Toons, but also because just like the character, he just tears things up when he is around, so it was given to me in high school and it stuck,” Taz added that, “my supporters always told me I was the realist when it came to my music, so I put it all together.”

The name Taz suits her. She destroys every song she makes—in a good way.

Taz allowed me to invade her personal space to ask her a few questions, so The Egalitarian readers could know the person behind the name.

She is an unsigned artist, who has been featured in many blogs, LGBT radio shows, and has even performed in many clubs. She finances all of her projects, spends time working on her music non-stop, while also trying to make it in the world. She is the oldest of two siblings, who both look up to their big sister.

“I didn’t actually know what I wanted to be,” said Taz, “I just knew it was easier for me to express myself with music and once I did put it out, and received the feedback, I did feel maybe this is what God wants from me.”

She still feels that she has a long way to go when it comes to being accepted in the industry. She is a lesbian, but her sexual-orientation should not matter.

Some people do not look at her as a “true” female rap artist because she doesn’t dress feminine enough for them. She is sometimes called “sir”.

In Taz’s eyes, she is just another artist trying to make a name for herself doing something that she loves.

When she decided to do music, many people that knew her didn’t realize that she could spit rhymes. It changed people’s perspective of her. She still faces some obstacles with some people and life, but she says her family and supporters have helped her get over most of that.

Taz stated that music “changed a lot for me, as in, how I view the world. Sometimes, it’s like a canvas; anything I do, anything I see, or around, I put into my work.”

Taz is an artist who wants to provide a change in the industry. She wants to keep touching people by telling her story through her music.

She recently dropped an EP titled ‘Murk Season’ with hits on it named ‘Riot’ and “All Day.” She is slowly, but surely taking the world by storm.

You can find her music on iTunes, Amazon, YouTube and SoundCloud by Taz Da Realist.