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Salvador Antonio Sanchez


Salvador Antonio Sanchez

John Cañamar, Sports Editor

On February 3rd through out the years have had many great moments in sports, from Super Bowls to Heavy Weight Championships changing hands.

I am not going to tell you about any of them, instead I am going to tell you about a personal sports moment.

In 2014 I loss the third of four men who help shape the love of sports with in me.

This man was Salvador Antonio Sanchez.

He never put on a jersey, or laced up a pair of cleats or even rode the pine for any professional team.

What he did do was instill the importance of the true definition of teamwork, not just on the playing field but in life.

He helped show me that the word team is really just a synonym for family.

He is one of the reasons that today I report on sports and enjoy coaching baseball.

Salvador Antonio Sanchez you are truly missed.

Love you, Tio.