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McEnroe disqualified from the Australian Open

McEnroe disqualified at Australian Open.

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McEnroe disqualified at Australian Open.

John Cañamar, Sports Editor

On January 21, 1990 John McEnroe becomes first player to be disqualified from the Australian Open.

McEnroe known for his temper-tantrums was atop both his tennis game and shenanigans.

McEnroe first offense was intimidation of a judge by standing a foot or so in front of her and bounced a ball on his racket while staring at her.

He continued by slamming his racket on the court cracking it and receiving an “Abuse of a racket” foul.

His third and final foul was using profanity towards an official.

When the Head Judge disqualified him, McEnroe was surprised because up until that tournament one was allowed four conduct follows. Under the new rules only three fouls were allowed.

At the time of the disqualification McEnroe was leading 6-1.

McEnroe returned to the open two years later but lost in the semifinals, he never won Australian Open in his career.