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The Basketball Rules

1892 Issue of The Triangle Magazine

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1892 Issue of The Triangle Magazine

John Cañamar, Sports Editor

On January 15, 1892 the Basketball Rules were published in the Triangle YMCA Magazine at the Physical Department of the YMCA in Massachusetts.

The original 13 rules as invented and written by James Naismith. They were printed in a 4-page article in of the magazine Volume 1, Issue 10.

It was 124 years since the first game of basketball was played on December 21, 1891. Nine of the 13 rules are still in play.

The four rules that have changed involve the way the game is officiated. In todays game, a team of five officials do the officiating: three referees, a scorekeeper and a timekeeper, as to one judge who did it all.

Today the NBA earns over $4.5 billion while spreading the game of basketball around the world.