Rice Gallery presents ‘Unbounded’


Image courtesy of Rice University Art Gallery.

Elegy to the Disappearance of Objects, 2015, polystyrene, poplar, paint, approx. 19′ x 35′ x 45′ Site-specific installation, Turchin Center for Visual Arts, Boone, NC

Chutiya Metheesupapak, Staff Writer

Artist Ben Butler created an amazing piece of art that promises to illustrate the beauty of nature – it is called ‘Cloud Mythology’. This kind of art piece is considered as “Impressionism.” Butler said he likes to explain complicated things to others.

Butler described the material that he used for this piece of art, “what fascinates to me about this object that really they speak much more about the human mind about human creativity about art in general than they do about nature.” He added, “Because while they’re not created by human, they’re selected. So of all the infinite stones that could be chosen, there are particular ones that we price for certain reasons. And that said everything about us, there’s nothing about stones.”

Not only the scriptures that he created, he also uses music as the art that will help him create more arts. Butler says that, “making music, for me, is often just about having something to pick up in the studio when I put down my tools and pencil, to keep my hand occupied and keep my mind in the certain abstracted zone.” He said, “I’ve always thought of parallel in my work between what I do and musical ideas.”

The exhibition will open on Thursday June 4, from 5-7 p.m. The admission is free. There will be snacks and drinks including in this event. For more information, visit: www.RiceGallery.org or call 713-348-6069.