Of Mice and Men

HCC Central Fine Arts poster for

HCC Central Fine Arts poster for “Of Mice and Men”

Jada Newsome, Staff Writer

HCC Central’s Fine Arts department presented its final showing of “Of Mice and Men” on March 7. The night was filled with laughter, drama and sorrow. The play is based on this story “Of Mice and Men” by John Steinbeck. The story follows two friends who are polar opposites, George and Lenny, and their journey from job to job which ends in tragedy. George is a street smart, short man and Lenny is a tall and muscular man with a childlike personality. Together, trouble always follows them.

The play showed the audience a visual experience of the book, showing the drama and brotherly love between the characters. The play went off without a hitch and the actors who portrayed the characters were fantastic. They connected with the audience, giving a stellar performance. The audience was also entertained by the piano player who was also an actor in the play. Overall the fine arts department created a success.