Johnny Steele Dog Park opens along Buffalo Bayou

The park includes a pond and other water features.

Brenda Jacoby, A&E Editor

The weather was perfect for the opening of the Johnny Steele Dog Park on Saturday. Congresswomen Sheila Jackson Lee recited the proclamation. Houston Landscape Architect Johnny Steele helped with the ribbon cutting and the philanthropic Kinder Family stood with their pooch.

After the formalities, hundreds of patient dogs stormed the never again pristine park. With two separate play areas, the larger dogs went to the left and the smaller dogs veered to the right. There was running, swimming, barking, jumping and falling. It was just a happy place.

The 2-acre park cost $1.5 million and was completed in just under a year. The dog park is part of the Buffalo Bayou Partnership’s Shepherd to Sabine Master Plan. The partnership raised $28 million and The Kinder Foundation donated $30 million.

To learn more about the incredible $58 million transformation coming to the bayou, visit The dog park is located at Montrose and Allen Parkway and is open from 8p.m. daily.