Northeast Choral Society


Jimmieka Mills, Contributor

Have you heard about the new HCC Northeast Choral Society?

The choir which is open to the public, and was started by Dr. Hilda Gentry, Educational Liaison for Cultural Programs and Community Outreach.

Although started by staff, students have taken leadership roles in the choir and help determine its direction.

Credited as the Choral Society’s student founder, Christian Yraheta explained, “At first the faculty wanted to make a choir for the students, but once it started it definitely became student led.”

Yraheta is a second year Business Administration major, she boasted that the key impact of the choir is to achieve “Unity” among all persons. “We want that friendly atmosphere,” said Yraheta, “Anybody can join, it doesn’t matter your age or color or anything!”

Music Theory and Pianist for the Choral Society, Dr. Chambers works with singers from all levels of experience. However, no singing experience is required to join.

For more information or to join the Choral Society, feel free to contact Dr. Hilda Gentry at (713) 718-8329 or through email at [email protected]