Cool…Colorful…Jazz! at Northeast Art Hub

Northwest Art Hub’s exhibit of the works of Andrew L. Thompson, his art will be on display through Dec. 16.

Jimmieka Mills, Contributor

HCC Northeast Art Hub is exhibiting the works of Andrew L. Thompson through Dec. 16. Thompson is an accomplished visual artist whose fine arts career has spanned over 30 years.

Thompson’s works have been displayed at the Corcoran Gallery of Art in Washington D.C. Since Nov. 12. his works of art have found themselves a home at the HCC Northeast Art gallery.

“Our last two shows we’ve really had the best turn out,” said Dr. Hilda Gentry, Educational Liaison for Cultural and Community Outreach at HCC Northeast. “We’ve had 140-145 in attendance at our last 2 shows which exceeded any numbers we could have imagined.”

The title of the exhibit, “Cool…Colorful…Jazz!” refers to the artist’s description of his collection, which he said, “are a tribute to Jazz and it’s importance in American History.”

Those interested in viewing the exhibit are welcome to visit the HCC Northeast Art Hub Gallery located at the Codwell campus 555 Community College Drive, Houston 77013.

There is no admission fee.

Those interested in contacting the artist can do so through the artists website at